Dumal Lunnash was a Wizard and chronicler of the Vizjerei Clan. He wrote extensively on their early history.[2]


Dealing with DemonsEdit

Lunnash was active at the time of Jere Harash—a "most forgettable member" of the Vizjerei (according to Lunnash), but Harash was the one whose named would be etched in history, as he succeeded in summoning the first demon into Sanctuary. Harash recorded the event in his personal journals. However, these events did not match the public records of the Vizjerei, some of which were written by Lunnash himself. He gave a false account of Harash contacting a "spirit of the dead," as part of the Vizjerei's attempt to censor the truth that they were communing with demons, not spirits.[2]

Harash would ultimately perish in one of his summoning attempts, as one of these "spirits" took control of his body and sent him on a killing spree. Lunnash survived the incident.[1]


Lunnash's texts were almost forgotten by history, as was Lunnash himself. His writings were later recovered by Buyard Cholik, who used the writings in his hunt for Kabraxis. He used them as a point of reference to find the ancient city of Ransim.[1] Similarly, Lunnash's personal journals were recovered by Deckard Cain, who noted that they contained the truth of what Jere Harash had wrought, even if Lunnash had played a role in altering history to better suit the Vizjerei.[2]


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