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The Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes is a geographic area in Sanctuary, located south of Scosglen, west from the Fractured Peaks, and north of Kehjistan.


Dry Steppes-map

The Dry Steppes on the world map

The Dry Steppes are a harsh and rugged wilderness,[1] consisting of amber grasslands, deep canyons, and wide salt flats dotted with geysers of boiling water.[2] Vegetation is rare, and what vegetation there is consists of poplar and saxaul trees.[3]

The Steppes are an incredibly dangerous place to live, and only the most ruthless or most desperate call them home.[2]

A variety of beliefs exist(ed) in the Dry Steppes. These include elements of wind worship (e.g. "wind favor you")[4] ancestor worship (e.g. "Ancestors keep you"),[5] and polytheistic worship (e.g. "oh gods").[6] Some believe that spirits haunt the Steppes, calling out to the living through the Crag Song.[7] Old folklore in the Steppes states that khazra bones ward off curses.[8] In the past, some willingly offered themselves to the pools of the Boiling Plains as an act of ritual suicide. The Steppes' conception of an afterlife involves/involved "the plains beyond."[9] In ancient times, a being known as the Grinning One was worshipped.[10]

Terrifying effigies are a common sight in the Steppes, built as offerings to appease great evil. To dress oneself in their image is to invite their fury.[11]


Early History[]

"If the Zakarum want answers, they have to get them elsewhere. You think you can march in here and take whatever you want?"

- A Dry Steppes villager(src)

Dry Steppes-salt

A salt flat in the Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes gave rise to native civilization(s).[3] They were once ruled by the Overseers; a line of slaver kings who ruled out of Guulrahn. Even long after their end, their relics remained spread across the Steppes, leaving suffering in their wake.[12]

At some point, Zakarum established a presence in the region. The Zakarum architecture was more distinct and refined than the native one, and in addition to Orbei Monastery, established a number of storage and keep-sake areas.[3]

The Sons of Rakkis marched across the Dry Steppes during the Zakarum Crusade,[13] and set sail from the Scarred Coast.[14] By this point, undead roamed the coast, and the Paladins did what they could to cull the undead. In the end, they only served to add to the undead's number.[13]

By the time of the Zakarum Inquisition, the church had effectively annexed the Steppes (or at least part of them), and the Hand of Zakarum oversaw the Dindai Flats. "Heresy" was rooted out through violent means, much to the anger and grief of the locals. In some cases, entire villages were left in ruins, and it appears that some of the locals were converted to worship of the Light, willingly or otherwise.[15]

After the destruction of Mount Arreat, a splinter group of the Barbarian Oxen Tribe made their way into the Steppes. The city of Ked Bardu grew around their encampment.[16] Similarly, with Zakarum having collapsed, the town of Jirandai was built on the ruins of Zakarum's old empire.[17]

The Great Enmity[]

By the Great Enmity, the Steppes were ravaged by war due to the power vacuum Malthael created when he decimated Sanctuary.[2] The Zakarum's storage sites and keep-sakes were laid to waste, and Orbei Monastery fell into ruin.[3]


The Cannibals in the Dry Steppes

Many years ago, the Cannibals appeared in the Steppes and spread their terror into lands beyond.[18] However, other groups still operated within the Steppes, trying to win the hearts and minds of the people living there. With Lilith's return, the darker side of mankind became more dominant, and many in the Steppes gave into it, giving into the darkness for more power and turning to cannibalism.[2] The Triune, which now served Lilith, marched across the Steppes and took a number of unfortunates and brought them to Mount Civo, where they were slaughtered.[19] Others willingly joined the Triune, as the cult promised an escape from their suffering.[9] The Triune also burnt trading caravans.[20]

At/around the time of Lilith's return, the situation in the Steppes was further deteriorating. In the north, wasp attacks caused farmers to flee their fields and enter Farobru.[21] In the west, bandits blocked the pass to the south of Ked Bardu, which meant that merchants stayed inside the city.[22] Guulrahn fell to the Cannibals, the survivors fleeing to Ked Bardu.[23] Jirandai managed to keep the Cannibals at bay, but at heavy cost,[17] and rumors spread of secret Cannibals lurking in towns.[24]

Recent Events[]

The Malignant spread to the Dry Steppes after Lilith's defeat, encroaching on towns with each passing day. The Wanderer was entrusted by Cormond to hold them at bay while he searched for a cure.[25] The Malignant Tunnels in the Steppes were cleared out by the Wanderer,[26] and ultimately, the Malignant were wiped out.[27]

Later, Zir ordered the Blood Seekers and their vampire forces to conquer the Dry Steppes.[28]


Dry Steppes-town

A settlement in the Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes are one of five major geographic regions to be explored in Diablo IV.[1]


Initially, the Steppes were concieved as grasslands. The decision was made to add dark rocks that complement the pale blonde and rusty grasses. To help provide extra visual interest in the region, the Environment Art team created a salt flats biome.[3]

Notable Locations[]

Dry Steppes-road

A Dry Steppes road

Main article: List of Dry Steppes locations


The Dry Steppes are divided into the following major regions:

  • Chambatar Ridge
  • Dindai Flats
  • Fields of Hatred
  • Khargai Crags
  • Kotama Grasslands
  • Norgoi Vigil
  • Saraan Caldera
  • The Accursed Wastes
  • The Scarred Coast
  • Tusmaa Rift
  • Untamed Scarps





This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Based on the nature of its flora, the Dry Steppes could be considered analogous to Central Asia and especially Mongolia.


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