Drognan is a non-player character who resides in Act 2, in the town of Lut Gholein. Besides acting as a researcher searching for Tal Rasha's Tomb (the end level in Act 2), he is also a merchant of town portal scrolls as well as a variety of magical staves. He is a member of the Vizjerei Clan, however prefers to study the darker magic of its teachings. Drognan is also a researcher of Horazon and tries to remove Bartuc's armor from Norrec Vizharan in Richard A. Knaak's book Legacy of Blood . He also is an old and wise Vizjerei who lives in a house that Horazon lived in.


Introduction (General)Edit

  • "I've heard that you are responsible for banishing Andariel back to the Burning Hells. I'm impressed, stranger. That couldn't have been easy. My name is Drognan, and I know what you're up against, my friend. You ought to look over my inventory of items for trade."


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  • It was speculated that Drognan is really Horazon, one of the most powerful mages in history, and the leader of the Armies of Light, opposite his brother, Bartuc the Bloody, in the mage wars, but this was disproved in the Diablo Novel: Legacy of Blood.
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