Dream Spirits are the elite versions of Spirit Masks. They are usable only by Druids.

The Dream Spirit resembles the Blood Spirit but with certain spiritual markings and a characteristic red glow in the Wolf's eyes. These may just be rubies embedded into the totem to enhance its spiritual power.

Like all other Druid Pelts, the Dream Spirit helps the Druid commune with the spirits of nature. The Dream Spirit is a totem of one of the nature spirits themselves, possibly the highest one in the order. It signifies the pinnacle of the connection of the Druid with the combined spirits of nature. Dreams are said to take place in a different dimension altogether and this helps the Druid connect with the that ethereal dimension and commune with all the forces of nature at the same time. Representing the mastery of the Druid over his art.

Druid Pelts can have 1-3 bonuses of +1-3 to specific Druid Skills.



Defense: 109-159
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 118
Durability: 20
Sockets: 3
Quality Level: 85

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