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In Diablo III, Monks and Demon Hunters prefer to defend themselves against the minions of Hell through the act of dodging blows. First seen as a possible skill for the Amazon in Diablo II, this method of defense can be used by all classes, with a formula that depends on their Dexterity. This, for the most part, does the work that defense did in the earlier installments of the series.

As of now, the formula for determining the odds of dodging attacks are currently unknown, but it is known that this line of defense is weakened in high-level content, and that this system suffers from diminishing returns.

Unfortunately, while this defense works well on the majority of attacks, the following attacks are impossible to dodge:

  • Thorns-like effects, such as Reflects Damage affix.
  • Ground-based area attacks, such as Molten affix lava pools and explosions.

As of Patch 2.1, Dexterity no longer increases chances to Dodge, instead giving a bonus to the character's Armor, therefore making the protection more reliable and predictable.

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