Dirgest is a demon[1], once worshipped by Xiansai people as a god of desire.[2].


According to Covetous Shen, Dirgest won the heart of the moon goddess Liria with his riches and persistence, making her his wife. Jealous, he tried to keep her off the world, but every night she had to travel the sky, where he could not follow. Zei, a legendary thief, decided to steal her from Dirgest, and eventually did so, sneaking into her palace and spending the night with Liria. He has left her a gift before he escaped: a precious ruby she wore on her neck.

Dirgest did not kill Zei in return, but slaughtered everyone Zei held dear, including Liria, taking her soul for himself. Zei eventually defeated the demon god, imprisoning him within the mentioned ruby and wearing it on his neck, becoming a new god of Xiansai pantheon. However, the ruby had a crack in it, through which Dirgest could drain the life out of whoever touched the cursed jewel. After a while, Zei could not bear this burden, and cast off his divinity, becoming mortal again. The jewel was hidden in the ancient labyrinth.

When ages later Shen and the Nephalem came for the jewel, with the intention to seal Dirgest's prison permanently, they found the ruby shattered, as Dirgest has escaped, leaving his minion Vekriss behind to guard Liria's spirit. After this, Shen decided to pursue the demon, with the goal of imprisoning him again.[2]


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