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August 2008
  • Boom! The Diablo Wiki has exploded. It tripled in size in just 2 months and is still growing. This is thanks to the new admins, especially CologneCerroneHoudini.
  • We have 4 new admins, in order of granting: EVula, Danrr, Mobokill, and, the newest of the bunch, CologneCerroneHoudini. They all have been rewarded for the effort they put into this project.
  • The Diablo Wiki reaches 2500 articles. Amazing work everyone!

July 2008
  • Wow, the Diablo Wiki reaches 2000 articles! Excellent job!
  • The Diablo Wiki's new custom skin is now up and running! To use it, go to Preferences, click the Skin tab and check the box next to "Let the admins override my skin choice"
  • The Diablo Wiki reaches 1000 articles! Great Job!

June 2008
  • Blizzard announces Diablo III!
  • New Skills infobox! See Firestorm for an example on how to use it.

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  • ...that the Goatmen are actually not demons, but related to the Witch Doctor class from Diablo III?
  • ...that the Dark Wanderer is actually the Warrior from the first Diablo?

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