Diablo Wiki
Rule Severity
Low Severity rule breaches may receive multiple violation warnings before punitive action. Blocks for repeat violations will be short, but continued violations may escalate a Low Severity violation to Medium Severity.
Medium Severity rule breaches will always receive at least one violation warning before punitive action. Blocks for repeat violations might be longer, but continued violations may escalate a Medium Severity violation to High Severity.
High Severity rule breaches may be blocked without any warnings. Blocks may be up to infinite.
Rule Scope
Mainspace rules only apply to normal wiki articles. You do not need to follow these rules on your user profile page, talk pages, forum posts, or blogs.
Wiki-wide rules apply everywhere on the wiki, including your user profile page, talk pages, forum posts, and blogs.

Diablo Wiki Rules
Rule Notes Topic Severity Scope
Unconfirmed trivia Any trivia about in-game content that does not have a source cannot be stated as fact, even if the trivia seems almost certainly true. It must be stated only as a likelihood using words such as "probably" or "possibly." Trivia Low Mainspace
Irrelevant trivia Unsourced trivia can be removed if it too vague, too general, or having more than three possible interpretations (i.e. if a particular name can refer to more than 3 works, it's probably too generic). Unsourced trivia that is removed because it isn't very relevant to the topic should not be added back. Trivia Low Mainspace
Fan art Fan artwork is not allowed in mainspace articles, with the only exception being the artwork made by the artists who actually work(ed) for Blizzard. Images that have been slightly edited, such as to clean them up, may be permitted as long as the context of the image was not changed. Images Medium Mainspace
Authorship Screenshots and the like not taken by the editor may be added, but need to be credited or used with permission. Otherwise, they will be removed on the first notice of the original author. Images Medium Mainspace
Nudity Nudity should be avoided in all images whenever possible. Screenshots of actual gameplay might be allowed if the content is somehow relevant. Any images that contain nudity should be brought before an admin or Fandom Wiki Representative before being added to an article. Images High Wiki-wide
Fan sites Linking to a fan-made site in an article is not permitted. Unique exceptions may be made if that site is directly relevant to the subject matter within the article. Potential exceptions must be discussed before being added. Links Medium Mainspace
Interwiki links If adding links to other wikis regarding a different game, always prioritize Fandom wikis if the game and subject matter exist. Never add links to a non-Fandom Diablo Wiki. Links Medium Mainspace
Reputable sources When adding a source, use well-known sources like Wikipedia or a large game magazine article first, and only if not possible, add sources from the community. Links Low Mainspace
Readability Text must be kept readable. Giant fonts, zalgo text, or any other obnoxious text is not permitted on the wiki, even on your userpage. Style Medium Wiki-wide
Formal writing Do not add unnecessary jokes or excessively flowery language in articles. Even on joke articles, try to maintain a encyclopedic professionalism. Style Low Mainspace
Grammatical person Never use a first-person narrative within articles (e.g. I did this). Second-person should also be avoided (e.g. You do this) and instead be written as "the player" wherever possible. Style Low Mainspace
Abbreviations or slang Any slang terminology invented by the Diablo community and all abbreviations must be explained within any article that it is used. Assume any reader has never seen them before. Style Low Mainspace
Opinions Opinions may be allowed in certain articles regarding concepts such as strategy, however, opinions should never be expressed as fact or superior to other opinions. Opinions should instead be reinforced by presenting hard data as to why they might be a better option. Viewpoint Low Mainspace
Controversial topics If describing controversial topics such as historical events that may be viewed negatively by some readers, cultural references, real-world controversies (e.g. someone being fired from Blizzard), remain neutral and factual while avoiding a judgmental tone or excessive details. Viewpoint Medium Mainspace
Personal information Do not add any personal information about other people, including Blizzard workers, that is not in the Blizzard official sources and has not been stated as publicly available. This includes their real names, addresses, positions, in-game nicknames, or personal social network accounts. Viewpoint High Wiki-wide
Badge farming Creating pointless blogs, numerous small edits, or any other activity that is only intended to win badges is not allowed. All contributions to the wiki should be useful. Behavior Medium Wiki-wide
Edit warring Repeatedly undoing another editor's contributions without discussing the disagreement with them is not allowed. Once a discussion on the disagreement has been started, stop making any changes related to the point of controversy until some sort of conclusion can be reached. Behavior Medium Mainspace
Staff impersonation Acting toward another user as if you hold a position of authority that you do not, or "mini-modding," is not permitted. If you believe someone is doing something inappropriate, you should report them to an admin rather than take action yourself. Behavior Medium Wiki-wide