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Quests in Diablo Immortal are divided into three main categories.

  • Main Quests: These form core, interconnected story that leads players between each zone, beginning in Wortham (note that Wortham is bereft of any actual quests, and functions as a tutorial). Each quest is completed sequentially.
  • Elite Quests: Larger, multi-step quest chains that aren’t necessarily connected to the main quest, but which need time to complete. Players are directed to these quests by Taite, who can be found in Westmarch.

Note that there are special quests that correspond to certain systems, such as the Helliquary.

Core Questline[]

The following is a list of main quests. These take place in chronological order.

Cold Isles[]

  • The Relentless Tide (Tempest-exclusive)


Ashwold Cemetery[]


The Westmarch quests can broadly be divided into three categories—pre-Dark Wood, post-Dark Wood, and "other." They are subdivided as follows:

Part 1[]

Part 2[]

Dark Wood[]

Shassar Sea[]

Library of Zoltun Kulle[]


Mount Zavain[]

Frozen Tundra[]

Realm of Damnation[]

  • Into the Woods
  • Light Imprisoned
  • The Pestilent Corpse
  • Carved in Blood
  • The Citadel's Shadow
  • The Dessicated Legion
  • Within Flames
  • The Last Lieutenant
  • Lord of Damnation
  • Bearer of Ill Omens

Forgotten Nightmares[]

Terror's Tide[]

Age of Falling Towers[]

Destruction's Wake[]

Dark Rebirth[]

Splintered Souls[]

  • Lost Justice
  • The Broken Church
  • The Madness Below
  • Open Revolt
  • No Salvation

Precipice of Horror[]


These quests are not part of the main questline, and are optional. They are grouped in accordance with their theme.

Cycle of Strife[]

Castle Cyrangar[]

Accursed Towers[]

Exalted Night[]