This is a list of the changes and improvements made by Blizzard Entertainment to Diablo I. For play, the game requires the latest patch, which it will install automatically. These patches are incompatible with the Hellfire expansion, which only received one patch from Sierra Entertainment and left many major issues unchecked.

Patch 1.09bEdit

This patch is download only, not an automatic update.

Patch 1.09Edit

Main article: Patch 1.09 (Diablo I)

Patch 1.08Edit

Main article: Patch 1.08 (Diablo I)

Patch 1.07Edit

Main article: Patch 1.07 (Diablo I)

Patch 1.05Edit

Main article: Patch 1.05 (Diablo I)

Patch 1.04Edit

Main article: Patch 1.04 (Diablo I)

Patch 1.03Edit

Main article: Patch 1.03 (Diablo I)

Patch 1.02Edit

Main article: Patch 1.02 (Diablo I)


For current troubleshooting information see the included update.txt file in your Diablo I game folder. Or, for the most up to date hardware compatibility/troubleshooting information, help on creating and joining multiplayer games, and tips on optimizing performance, please see the Diablo Support FAQ at:

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