For the similarly named sourcebook, see Diablo Bestiary.
The Bestiary of Diablo I was filled with run-of-the-mill terrors like Zombies and Balrogs as well as exotic and unusual foes like the Acid Beast and Cave Vipers. This is a list of all the terrors you will find in the labyrinth beneath the town of Tristram. Monsters are listed by the area they first appear in: monsters might still appear in multiple areas. In addition to the information obtained from the game, a lot of information was uploaded from Jarulf's guide.[1]


These maze-like cellars of the Cathedral are the first levels of Diablo I. Filled mainly with undead foes and lesser demons, this starting area is ideal for new players to get some experience. The following monsters can be found in the labyrinth:


The next four levels are dark, gloomy subterranean crypts referred to as the Catacombs. Strong undead foes appear here, along with fiercer demons. The following monsters can be found in the catacombs:


The caverns beneath Tristram have been darkened and filled with ferocious hellspawn. The following monsters can be found within these caves:


The lowest recesses of the Tristram dungeon have been turned into an outpost of Hell by the vile powers of Diablo. Powerful and fearsome opponents can be found lurking in the shadows, and ultimately players will face the Dark Lord of Terror himself. The following monsters can be found within the outskirts of Hell:


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