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In Diablo II, the quests are a series of missions of which most are integral to proceeding in the single-player game. For example, without the Cube, the Khalim's Heart, Eye and Brain, and Khalim's Flail, the single-player character cannot get beyond Act III. However, in multiplayer, an advanced character can open a Town Portal from a waypoint beyond the blocked part, enabling a less-experienced player to bypass the quest entirely.

Other quests, such as The Forgotten Tower, Lam Esen's Tome or Betrayal of Harrogath are entirely optional and may be skipped altogether without affecting the story's development.

Players are advised to complete all quests, so that the game's story can be developed to the fullest.

The Sightless Eye (Act I) Quests[]

The Secret of the Vizjerei (Act II) Quests[]

The Infernal Gate (Act III) Quests[]

The Harrowing (Act IV) Quests[]

Lord of Destruction (Act V) Quests[]

Diablo II and Lord of Destruction quests
Diablo II icon Diablo II quests

Act IDen of EvilSisters' Burial GroundsSearch for CainThe Forgotten TowerTools of the TradeSisters to the Slaughter
Act IIRadament's LairHoradric StaffTainted SunArcane SanctuaryThe SummonerSeven Tombs
Act IIIThe Golden BirdBlade of the Old ReligionKhalim's WillLam Esen's TomeBlackened TempleThe Guardian
Act IVFallen AngelHell's ForgeTerror's End

Diablo II LOD icon Diablo II: Lord of Destruction quests
Act VSiege on HarrogathRescue on Mount ArreatPrison of IceBetrayal of HarrogathRite of PassageEve of Destruction