Diablo III: Wrath is an animated short film made by Titmouse animation studio. It was directed by Peter Chung and written by Chris Metzen and James WaughBlizzard uploaded it to YouTube on the 8th of May 2012.


It features a short sequence of events set during the Great Conflict, at Pandemonium (Pandemonium Fortress can be seen in distance). The Angiris Council leads the attack of the Angelic Host against hordes of demons, until the angels prevail and send the demonic legion into retreat, losing one of their lancers to a demon the size of a palace tower. As demons flee to the caves, the Council decides to regroup and finish them off later, but Imperius, filled with wrath and hatred, recklessly presses on the attack, ignoring the warnings of other archangels.

Charging into the room full of slain angels, he finds himself trapped face to face with Diablo himself. As the two battle, Diablo wounds Imperius and taunts him with how easily Imperius's valor can turn into wrath, and wonders whether the others know what Imperius truly is. Before the fight is over, the rest of the Council blast the doors open and easily overcome the Lord of Terror, chaining him to a pillar.

Auriel and Tyrael propose imprisoning the demon (so that he cannot be reborn in the Black Abyss), but Imperius, blinded by rage and humiliated by defeat, slashes Diablo vertically in half, killing him. "Sacrilege!" is the only thing Auriel can say. Before Diablo dies, his final mocking words are "So much for your unity... The trap, at last, has sprung".

Deckard Cain, while in the Tristram Cathedral, wonders aloud that if the Eternal Conflict engulfs Sanctuary, what hope will there be when even the wrath of angels cannot be quenched?


Diablo III Wrath

Diablo III Wrath

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