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Diablo II: Salvation was a trademark Blizzard Entertainment registered in 2001. Speculations ran rampant about what it could be. Most people assumed it was an expansion pack planned for Diablo II to be released after Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and that it was canned before going into development. [1]. Other sources state it was a planned sequel to the Diablo movie, which itself was never released.[2]

At the least, it is known that Blizzard North intended to work on a second expansion to Diablo II. The second expansion would have focused more on expanding Diablo II's multiplayer features. Background artist David Glenn built guildhalls for groups of players who wanted to start their own clans. They could meet up in the guildhall, organize experience runs or quests, and head into the field from there. One feature of these halls was the Steig Stone (named after designer Steig Hedlund) where guild members could deposit money. At certain increments, they would unlock new guildhall rooms and various accoutrements for their guild's pad. Two new character classes were also proposed,[3] one of which was the Cleric.[4] However, after a few brainstorming sessions, the team decided not to follow through on the expansion, and instead turn their attention to Diablo III.[3]


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