Diablo's Horn is an item needed in the Pandemonium Event. It is one of the 3 major keys represented by body parts of the Prime Evils, the other two being Mephisto's Brain and Baal's Eye. The horn can be acquired by defeating Lilith in the Matron's Den.

Putting the Horn along with the Brain and the Eye in the Horadric Cube in Harrogath on Hell difficulty opens a portal leading you to Uber Tristram where the ultimate challenge awaits...

LocationsForgotten SandsFurnace of PainMatron's DenÜber Tristram

Keywardens — CountessSummonerNihlathak
Sub-bosses — Über DurielÜber IzualLilith
Über Tristram bossesÜber BaalPandemonium DiabloÜber Mephisto
Keys — Key of HateKey of TerrorKey of Destruction
Organs — Mephisto's BrainDiablo's HornBaal's Eye

Rewards — Hellfire TorchStandard of Heroes
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