The Desert Mercenaries are a group of mercenaries, led by Greiz, in the deserts of Aranoch. They were hired by Jerhyn to defend Lut Gholein since all the Palace Guards were busy fighting the demonic invasion in the palace. The desert mercenaries became the city's main protective force.

In Act II, Desert Mercenaries can be hired from Greiz with the following characteristics:

Skills and EquipmentEdit

All use Jab as their attack, and also have an aura:

For Normal, and Hell Difficulties:

For Nightmare Difficulty:

The level of the auras increases as the mercenary levels. Auras from this mercenary affect all party members and minions in range.

Desert Mercenaries can wield Polearms, Spears, and Javelins.

For armor, they may use Helms and Body Armor.

Equipping the mercenary with +X to All Skills items (weapon, helmet, armor) will increase the effectiveness of his aura.


Per Level up:

  • +10 Life
  • +1.5 Strength
  • +1.5 Dexterity
  • +9.5 Defense
  • +2 Resistances

Known namesEdit

This section tries to include all the names that a Desert Mercenary may possess. Note that these names are in no way connected to their Auras.

  • Ahsab
  • Alhizeer
  • Azrael
  • Chalan
  • Durga
  • Emilio
  • Fazel
  • Gulzar
  • Haseen
  • Hazade
  • Ilzan
  • Jemali
  • Jarulf
  • Kasim
  • Leharas
  • Mizan
  • Neeraj
  • Pratham
  • Razan
  • Vikhyat
  • Waheed
  • Zanarhi
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