Den of Evil
Act Act I
Quests Den of Evil
Monsters Zombie, Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Gargantuan Beast
Adjacent Zones Blood Moor
Area Level Normal 1
Area Level Nightmare 36
Area Level Hell 79
Waypoint No

Den of Evil

The Den of Evil is a cave located in the Blood Moor in Diablo II. It is the optional side-area in the Blood Moor which is where the first quest of the game is completed. This cavern has rocky dirt floors, the walls are naturally formed stone, and the only sign of civilization is the tripod-mounted braziers that light the musty cave.


The Den of Evil is the only side area in the Blood Moor. It appears as a cave decorated on the outside by certain symbols - most notably, the Fallen banner indicating the nature of its inhabitants.

Though the Den of Evil is a side area cave, it contains no golden chest in it. This is probably because players are most probably starting the game at Level 1 when they start this quest. Hence, giving them the opportunity to get magic items at such low levels would lead to game imbalance.



Inside Den of Evil

The Den of Evil is inhabited by many groups of Fallen led by Fallen Shaman. It also contains some Zombies and Gargantuan Beasts.

But the most notable member of the cave is probably the first super unique monster met by the player, the Spectral Hitting Zombie, Corpsefire. He is accompanied by his minions who are also tougher than regular members of the group. When killed, he will usually drop a few Mana or Health potions. Rarely, he will drop a Rejuvenation Potion.


In the Den of Evil quest of Act I, Akara asks you to kill all the monsters inside the Den, which she believes are massing for an attack against the Rogue Encampment.

When you complete the quest Akara awards you with an extra Skill Point.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Almost every time a player does a run on this cave, an enemy or two will drop a ring. A ring is worth 900 Coins, and combined with the high probability of looting one, a new player can earn quite a bit of money by clearing out the cave, looting a ring, selling it, and then returning to the cave to do it all again.
  • A Den of Evil attraction features in the Blizzard World map in Overwatch.
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