Aware that their small size gives them advantage in battle, the Demon Imps can teleport and attack an opponent at range. They are even capable of mounting Siege Beast or positioning themselves at fortified towers. Despite their abilities, Demon Imps have a very weak defense, often killed in one or two blows. However, they are often encountered in numerous numbers alongside other monsters. Evil Demon Huts generate Demon Imps any time a player or a minion is near. These Demon Imps do not drop items or gold and are not worth any experience.


Centuries ago, when men were foolish and practiced demonic magics, it was common to invoke the lesser of the demons and subdue them to gain power. Fooled by the small stature of these Demon Imps, their powers were underestimated by the sorcerers, who often summoned them to serve under their will. Once lulled into gaining the trust of these intelligent and conniving demons, the sorcerers' "servants" would vivisect them and create numerous homunculi from the pieces, which would become other Demon Imps over time.

Demon Imp
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