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Demon's Plate is a Pants piece of the Demon's Hide crafted set in Diablo III.

They require character level 70 to be equipped. The level 60 equivalent is Demon's Scale.

Stats (Level 70)[]

Demon's Scale

Demon's Plate
Set Pants

  • 660 - 759 Armor


  • +6 Random Magic Properties

Set Bonuses:

Patterned after the work of Sulam, the armorer who followed in the path of the warrior Myrdgar and collected the skins of fallen demons in order to craft a nearly impenetrable suit of armor.


Demon's Plate can be crafted using the Plan: Demon's Hide, 72000 gold, 20 Reusable Parts, 20 Arcane Dust, 30 Veiled Crystals, Caldeum Nightshade and Westmarch Holy Water.

Prior to Patch 2.0.6., it also required one Demon Skin, obtained from unique Phasebeasts and Armored Destroyers.