Delsere was a student at the Yshari Sanctum. A skilled artisan, he took his quest for perfection in his works to the extreme.


Like many of his fellow students, Delsere was fascinated by Li-Ming, another student at the sanctum. He swore that he would create a master work of armor for her, and that she would one day wear it.[1] However, his quest for perfection went to levels of excess. When he showed gauntlets to Master Valthek, he asked how they made the teacher feel. When Valthek explained that he did not understand the question, Delsere stormed off.[2] For his armor, he described it as resplendant. When asked why that mattered, he ranted that "form is function," and any praise for his magical crafting abilities only infuriated him more.[3] Even the leg guards were crafted repeatedly, with only minimal increase to their magical properties. When Valthek pointed this out, Delsere called him a "visionless cretin".[4]

Finally, Delsere reached the last stage of his magnum opus: a mask that he declared would be the jewel of his work. Not long after making such a declaration, however, he broke down, weeping that he had to start over. Delsere disappeared soon afterwards, along with his armor set.[5] Valthek reflected that his madness and departure was a tragic loss. Delsere had melted down so many pieces of armor in his work, calling them inelegant. Yet even these had been more beautiful than one most artisans could hope to create.[6]


Delsere is referenced in the Delsere's Magnum Opus item set in Diablo III.


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  • Delsere's behavior in regards of perfecting his armor by crafting it until its magical properties are perfect, discarding pieces for minimum increase, may be a satire of typical player strategy in most MMO games, focused on crafting, modifying, discarding and seeking new gear until they obtain ideal affix rolls.


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