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"Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen."

- Cain's greeting(src)

Deckard Cain was a Horadric scholar well versed in obscure lore and history of the arcane.



"The Horadrim are gone, so you become a storyteller to fill the emptiness. But the people of Tristram are laughing at you. Look around you, Mother! Where are your angels, your demons? Where are your heroes? The Horadrim are long dead, and the town's no different for it!"

- Cain to his mother(src)

Cain was born in the year 1202[2] to Aderes Cain and a tanner as his father. His mother forbid him from taking his father's surname.[3] As a child growing up in Tristram, Cain grew up on stories of the Horadrim, and considered himself proud to be "the last Horadrim." He imagined himself traveling the world, fighting evil wherever it dwelt.[4] He similarly read tales of Anu, Tathamet, the Mage Clan Wars, and the Sin War. However, he regarded them as just being stories.[5] When not listening to stories, he was out playing fetch in the fields outside Tristram, or stealing eggs from Grosgrove's henhouse.

By the age of eleven however, he had grown tired of his mother's stories and her growing madness. It was also at this age that he lost his father to sickness. Despite his mother's pleas, Cain wanted nothing to do with her "fairy stories," declaring that if angels or demons really existed, they were free to come for him.[3]

Elder of Tristram[]

"Cain isn't what he says he is. Sure, sure, he talks a good story...some of 'em are real scary or funny...but I think he knows more than he knows he knows."
Deckard Cain-BoT

Cain caught up in his studies

At some point, Cain studied "archaic writings" while in Kehjistan.[6] In his youth, he had some encounters with Zakarum priestesses. As to what may or may not have happened between him and them, he would later comment "they don't take vows of chastity you know."[7]

In adulthood, Cain served as a schoolmaster[3] and storyteller in Tristram.[8] Cain didn't get on well with the children, and found it difficult to connect with them. He'd give lectures, but they didn't share his love of books.[3] Of the fellow townsfolk, he counted Pepin as perhaps his closest friend. He also had fondness for Gillian, and respect for Griswold.[8] At some point, Cain married Amelia and had a son, Jered, who bore the name of Cain's Horadric ancestor, in 1233. As the years drew on however, Cain became absorbed in scholarly pursuits, shutting out friends and family, and leaving no time for them. Tension rose between him and Amelia and often they argued, usually concerning Cain's lack of presence in his son's life. In 1237, with Cain now at the age of thirty-five, Amelia took Jered and left Tristram. However, bandits attacked their wagon, killing them. Cain received written notification of their deaths and later visited the site of the attack.[3]

Cain served as the tutor for Prince Aidan. He grew greatly fond of the boy and found himself loving him akin to a son, despite Aidan's self-absorbed nature.[3]

The Darkening of Tristram[]

Dark Tidings[]

"The events of the past year are unbelievable and have driven me to again write my thoughts. No matter how hard I try, the facts are unavoidable: our King Leoric has gone mad, lashing out in crazed frenzy at the abduction of his son Albrecht, and our steady losses of the ill-advised war against Westmarch, leading to an open revolt among the guards. There is something almost palatable in the air. It feels like...terror."

- Deckard Cain(src)

During the Darkening of Tristram, Cain noticed (as did the rest of the town) how King Leoric's mood had steadily darkened.[9]

Reflecting on the events of the past year, Cain began recording his thoughts in a journal. He began to reflect on the tales that his mother had told him, as to whether there was truth to them. Could there really have been some evil entity buried underneath the town?[4] He spent time in the library of the Tristram Cathedral, going over old Horadric texts. They contained the stories that his mother had once told him, and he couldn't help but notice that the texts treated the accounts of angels and demons as history, not as myth. From what he read, and given how Leoric was acting, he could only guess that, based on what he had read, that Diablo himself had affected the king.[3]

Cain soon came to regret not acting upon his concerns, as the situation went from bad to worse.[4] After the disappearance of his son, Albrecht, Leoric lashed out in a crazed frenzy[4] Gillian told him of the events, of how the Royal Army of Khanduras had been destroyed by Westmarch's superior forces (sent in a suicidal attack by the king). Gillian begged him to leave the library, vacating in time to escape the fight that erupted between Lachdanan (who'd returned from the futile attack) and those of the king's men who remained loyal to him. He saw the bodies that Lachdanan and his men left in their wake as they hunted their former king, and could only wonder how things had come to this.[3]

Archbishop Lazarus led a group of villagers into the depths of the cathedral to look for Albrecht, only to lead them into the clutches of a demon called The Butcher. Cain wondered if Lazarus was acting on his own accord, or was an unwitting pawn. The nights dragged on, and sleep did not come easily, as he heard the hellish drones emanating from the cathedral. He resolved to return to his texts, believing that they would hold the answer to defeating the evil that plagued them.[4] Amid the chaos, horrific creatures began roaming the town by night, which reminded him of the ones he had read about in the old Horadric tomes. He came to realize that the tales his mother had told him of angels and demons were true. Although humbled, he was filled with a sense of purpose, believing that the Horadric knowledge could be used to fight the demons. From that day forward, he vowed to arm whomever he could with enough wisdom to defeat the evil that had arisen.[5]


A sketch of Cain by Adria

More and more townspeople left the village. They did however, receive a newcomer in the form of the witch Adria,[4] whom he met at the Tavern of the Rising Sun.[5] That she was a witch was something she made no secret of, and Cain saw that she had access to arcane knowledge that he didn't. He wondered why she came to Tristram now, of all times, and felt that something was amiss with her.[4] Eventually, he wound up the courage to speak to her,[2] and Adria told Cain that she had come to Tristram to stop Diablo. She shared what she knew of demons, and he offered her stories about the Horadrim, Zoltun Kulle, and other subjects in return.[10] He found her knowledge of mysticism and demonology to be most valuable, and the two spent many nights pouring over the history of the Horadrim,[5] the Mage Clan Wars, the origins of the Zakarum faith, and the Sin War. In particular, she had interest in the Horadrim and tales related to Zoltun Kulle and the Black Soulstone. Adria's curiosity never alarmed Cain, though he suspected that she was looking for some kind of 'truth' among the old stories.[2] Having immersed himself in their lore, Cain began to see himself as a Horadrim.[5]

After Adria's arrival,[4] adventurers began to arrive at Tristram, either to test their mettle against the monsters that plagued it, or to obtain the rumored riches that lay beneath the cathedral.[11] Cain could not consider any of them to be worthy of the name of "hero" however, and remained sequestered away, still scouring the old texts for answers.[4] He did warn them against descending into the cathedral, and one by one, they ignored him. Their screams echoed out from the cathedral's depths.[3]

The Lord of Terror[]

"This does not bode well, for it confirms my darkest fears. While I did not allow myself to believe the Ancient Legends, I cannot deny them now. Perhaps the time has come to reveal who I am. My true name is Deckard Cain the Elder, and I am the last descendant of an Ancient Brotherhood that was dedicated to safeguarding the secrets of a timeless Evil. An Evil that quite obviously has now been released."

- Cain to the hero(es)(src)

Deckard-Cain Diablo1

Cain in Tristram

The course of events changed with Aidan's return. Cain was impressed that the spoiled boy he'd tutored had returned from war a man, and began to refer to Aidan as "the hero."[3] Aidan was eager to plunge headfirst into the catacombs, but Cain urged caution, given their numbers, and that Aidan would be facing the reanimated bodies of those he had once known. He urged Aidan to let others accompany him, pointing to the likes of Moreina (a Rogue) and Jazreth (a Sorcerer). Aidan consented,[3] and Cain provided advice[8] for Aidan and his allies.[5] As the days passed by, Cain came to accept that it was indeed Diablo who was the root of the evil that plagued Tristram, even if he'd been unable to admit it. Aidan brought him the Staff of Lazarus, further confirming his suspicions. There was now no longer any doubt that Lazarus was the one who kidnapped Albrecht, and perhaps even freed Diablo from his ancient prison. However, he suspected that Lazarus didn't have much longer to live, and Aidan proved him correct.

Events reached a head when, one night, the wail of a child emanated from the depths beneath the cathedral. Cain awoke, and realized that Diablo had met his end. Unable to return to his sleep after such an unsettling cry, Cain ventured outdoors to await Aidan's return. He finally emerged, covered in blood. Cain was glad that Aidan had survived the ordeal, and that the horrible events that had plagued Tristram were behind them. However, he remained troubled, wondering if the recent horrors could have been avoided if he had not dismissed his legacy so lightly.[4]

The Fall of Tristram[]

"How could I have been so blind? I believed my friend's melancholy to be a natural reaction of the horrors he lived. How could I not have seen that he carried within him the very being of Diablo? After brooding for weeks, he finally slipped away in the night. Perhaps he had gone to "the east" that he so often woke screaming about in the days following his victory over the Lord of Terror. Shortly after he left us, legions of foul demons attacked and burned our town to its foundations. None of the townspeople were spared, and not even the women or children were allowed the peace of the grave. Instead, all were reanimated in grisly undeath. And Griswold, who had so faithfully armored the one I had called friend, suffered perhaps the worst fate of all, being corrupted into a slavering demonic beast thirsting after human flesh. This is no simple madness. It can be nothing less than possession by the Lord of Terror himself. The fool, he thought he could contain Diablo's evil. His reckless overconfidence has proven costly to us all. I sit now, caged, amongst the screams and the hellfire, as I await my own end."

- Deckard Cain(src)

Deckard Cain Remake2

Cain after Diablo's defeat

The defeat of Diablo kickstarted celebrations in Tristram that lasted weeks. Aidan humbly endured them, but Cain could see that the scars he carried weren't just physical.[4] Despite the celebrations, Cain was reserved– the ground was cursed, and he thought it better to just burn the town to the ground. He gathered some books from the cathedral, where he learnt of the existence of the nephalem. To commemorate their victory, Cain addressed the town, and tossed the Staff of Lazarus into a fire. He noted that the fire seemed to 'embrace' the staff, and watched as it emitted green smoke as it burnt, emitting a high, hissing scream as it did so. Eventually the staff was completely incinerated. Afterwards, he discussed matters with Griswold, while out of the corner of his eye, he saw Aidan walking away with Adria.[3]

It was days before Aidan related his experiences to Cain, describing his battle with Diablo in an area that he referred to as "the threshold of Hell itself." He further told Cain of how Diablo had forced him to relive his worst nightmares, and how in killing Diablo, he had killed his brother, Albrecht, whom Diablo had taken as his host. As he reached the end of his tale, Aidan began murmuring "I thought I could contain it" over and over. He rambled further about his "brothers," but Cain interpreted them as meaningless ramblings.[5] He offered Aidan counsel, but he remained distant. However, while Cain thought that Aidan's melancholia was simply a reaction to the horrors he had experienced beneath the cathedral, in truth, he had become enthralled by Diablo himself. The day after his conversation with Cain, Aidan left town. Adria informed him that he had headed east to find mystics that might help him expunge his nightmares. Adria herself left town shortly after Aidan did.[5] Adria's departure filled Cain with a deep and overwhelming sense of loss. He later learned that she had taken Gillian with her into the East.[2]


Cain is imprisoned

Shortly after Adria's departure, and mere weeks after the death of Diablo,[5] a legion of demons attacked the town. The townspeople were slaughtered and reanimated afterwards.[4] Cain was severely wounded,[5] and was placed in a cage as the town burnt and the people were slaughtered, awaiting his own end[4] while he was forced to watch his people die around him.[3] With plenty of time to reflect and mourn, he thought back on Aidan's words– "I thought I could contain it." Cain wondered if he was referring to Diablo, and if so, what were his true intentions in going east?[5]

The Dark Wanderer[]

"Although I had long given up hope and surrendered to my inevitable fate, the impossible happened today. I was rescued. Heroes have come to Khanduras to combat the corruption of the man I've come to call the Dark Wanderer has brought upon these lands. He had long since departed on some unknown mission, but they could not follow until they defeated the vile demoness, Andariel, who barred the only passage east. I have decided to join them, in the hopes my knowledge of the ancient ways might be of some help."

- Deckard Cain(src)


The heroes find Cain

Although having lost hope, Cain was rescued from his cage by a new group of heroes. They were in pursuit of Aidan, though knew him only as "the Dark Wanderer," and informed Cain of the corruption he had inflicted upon Khanduras. The Wanderer had departed east, but Andariel barred the passage from Khanduras into Aranoch. Cain decided to join them in the hope that his ancient knowledge might be of some help. He shared his fears with them that Diablo was guiding Aidan east to release Mephisto and Baal from their soulstones,[4] and urged them to give chase.[12]

Cain resided at the Rogue Encampment. While at the camp (or potentially in the following years), Cain entrusted Akara with a tome of Horadric origin.[13]

Andariel was slain, and Cain and the heroes across Aranoch to Lut Gholein. Though he told no-one, Cain had been marked by Diablo's terror. He often woke up in the night, suffering unholy visions of the destruction of Tristram, the slaughter of its people, and the dark acts carried out beneath the earth. He hoped that they would pass in time, but feared that he would never escape them. While in Lut Gholein, he gathered what information he could about the Wanderer, and while information was scarce, learnt that a man traveled with him named Marius. He could only wonder what part this man played in the Wanderer's goals.[4]

At some point during his travels, Cain learnt that Adria had given birth to a daughter, and that Gillian was raising her in Caldeum. He made a note to come to Caldeum to see her when time permitted.[3]

Cain and his fellows arrived in Aranoch. Valiant as the heroes were, they could not stop the Wanderer from freeing Baal from the Tomb of Tal Rasha. The group assumed that Baal and the Wanderer were now en route to Travincal to free Mephisto. Travelling across the Twin Seas to Kurast, Cain caught a fleeting glimpse of the Wanderer in the jungles that now strangled the area. He simultaneously wept for the man that Aidan had once been, and cursed him for the arrogance that had led him down this path. His companions brought news of their defeat of Mephisto, and that the Wanderer had become completely subsumed by Diablo.[4] While in Kurast, he met with Ormus.[14]

Cain journeyed to Travincal, and was pained greatly in beholding the carnage that the heroes' conflict with Mephisto's thralls had caused. However, he knew that it wasn't over, for if Diablo was able to rally an army in Hell, he would most assuredly return to wreck havoc on Sanctuary. Thus, the heroes plunged through the Infernal Gate, and Cain followed them.[5]

Hall of Heroes

Deckard Cain and a Paladin inside the Pandemonium Fortress

The gateway did not lead into Hell, but instead, to the Pandemonium Fortress. Cain found himself overwhelmed by the place, but remained committed to provide whatever assistance he could to the heroes. It was also here that Cain laid eyes on the archangel Tyrael for the first time, who the heroes had first encountered in the Tomb of Tal Rasha.[5] Tyrael greeted Cain, telling him that he knew his ancestor, Jered, and that he had been waiting to meet him for a long time. He told Cain about Izual and the Hellforge, where Mephisto's soulstone could be destroyed. He stated that he had no doubt that Cain would be able to provide counsel to the heroes, but warned him that someday he might be required to do much more than that. That someday, he might not be here, and Cain would be required to face the darkness himself.[3]

The heroes plunged down into Hell to destroy Mephisto's soulstone, and defeat Diablo.[5] He found himself unnerved by the fortress, and welcomed the heroes' presence whenever they returned to the fortress.[15]

Lord of Destruction[]

"Diablo is dead. I have long desired to hear those words, but now that they come, I feel little joy. News has reached us of a demonic army marching upon Arreat. This is Baal's doing, no doubt. We depart for the north with the tide. Still, we must count our blessings: the Soulstones of Mephisto and Diablo have been destroyed in the Hellforge and they will trouble us no further. Only one remains."

- Deckard Cain(src)


Cain in Harrogath

The heroes brought Cain news of their defeat of Diablo, along with the destruction of his soulstone (and that of Mephisto's). However, the news brought Cain little joy, as word reached them of a demonic army marching upon Mount Arreat, under the command of Baal. The group departed for the Northern Steppes to help stem the tide. Cain remained in Harrogath while his companions climbed the slopes of Arreat to confront Baal. However, although the heroes succeeded in defeating Baal, it was only after he had corrupted the Worldstone. Cain knew little of the object, but Tyrael had informed the heroes that it had to be destroyed. Cain could only hope that Tyrael was making the right choice.[4] Before he did so however, Tyrael warned him that destroying the Worldstone would leave Sanctuary vulnerable to both Heaven and Hell.[3]


"On Sanctuary, people don’t often live to Elder Cain’s age—and he’s still got a long road ahead of him. A traveling sage and a symbol of hope to many, Cain has been using his mind and his research to combat evil for decades. At the moment, he’s headquartered in Westmarch, in a dusty workshop likely to catch fire from the candles he burns at all hours of the night. Cain was personally instrumental in fighting back the Prime Evils, Mephisto, Baal and even Diablo (twice). But, in this transformed world, there are limits to even his knowledge."

- Character description(src)

The resulting explosion from the Worldstone destroyed Baal, Tyrael, Mount Arreat, and much of the land around it.[5] Cain and his fellows survived the blast however, and parted ways shortly afterwards. Cain warned the heroes as to what the destruction of the Worldstone could mean for Sanctuary, but the heroes departed, wanting to return to their loved ones and rebuild their lives. Cain supposed he could hardly blame them, but with Tristram destroyed, he had no home to return to. Remembering Tyrael's warning, Cain began searching for information that might aid him in defending the world against the invasion he feared was coming. His focus on the coming invasion caused him to renege on his former promise to see Gillian when time permitted.[3]

At some point after the destruction of the Worldstone, Cain traveled to a burnt out sanitarium, where Marius had been killed by Baal. Marius had been driven mad by his experiences with Diablo, and he'd carved his story into the walls of his cell with his fingernails. They were still legible, despite the damage to Marius's room.[5]

Cain headquartered himself in a workshop in Westmarch, burning candles through the night.[16]


"This is Sanctuary. To protect it, you must cross many lands. Where forgotten evils linger. Yet you must go without fear. Into the heart of the unknown. This burden falls to us. A chance to fight the darkness. To ensure our home's survival."

- Cain to the hero(es)(src)

Deckard Cain-DIportrait

Cain, five years after the Worldstone's destruction


"Ah! Hello, friend! You've arrived at quite a difficult time. As you can plainly see, the townsfolk are ill at ease. But we should be safe enough here for the moment."

- Cain greets an adventurer(src)

Five years after the destruction of the Worldstone, Cain conducted a Horadric ritual that allowed him to ascertain the location of three Worldstone shards; one at Wortham, one at Ashwold Cemetery, and one in the Dark Wood. He sought to obtain and destroy all the shards, lest they bring calamity upon the mortal realm.


Cain in Wortham Chapel

He came to Wortham to destroy the first shard, but found that the town had come under attack by cultists, and a number of townsfolk had disappeared, much to the terror of those who remained inside the town. Lyra told Cain that a hero had saved Korrin from the cultists. Later, Skarn himself appeared before the villagers, who flocked to Cain in terror. He tried to get the villagers to remain calm, and greeted the adventurer(s) who had answered the mayor's call for aid, but informed them that the mayor had been killed before they'd arrived. He told them that most of the missing townsfolk had been taken west, but none among the Wortham Guard were able to make the journey.

The adventurer(s) told Cain that the cultists' leader had mentioned a "Lord of Damnation," and that he was seeking some "prize." Realizing that "the prize" had to be Wortham's Worldstone shard, he told the adventurer(s) to find the cultists' lair, and put an end to things. They returned and informed Cain that the cultists had been calling out to a demon named Skarn, Lord of Damnation. Cain was unfamiliar with the name, and to his knowledge, no "Lord of Damnation" existed. He revealed that he had come to Wortham to search for the Worldstone shard that had landed nearby, and advised them of the existence of the Ashwold shard.

Their meeting was interrupted by Xul; one of the heroes who had aided Cain against the Prime Evils five years prior. Talking through a skeleton, the Necromancer told Cain that his apprentice, Lethes, had acquired a shard of the Worldstone, and brought ruin upon Ashwold. Cain told the hero(es) to retrieve the shard and then meet him at Westmarch, where it would be safer to destroy them.[17]


"Let's say we have a mutual friend...a certain "scholar" who arrived before you did. Our "friend" asked us to greet you when you arrived."

- Piri to the hero(es)(src)

After arriving in the city, Cain asked Piri and Charsi to meet with the hero(es) outside the city and send them to him.[18] He met with the hero(es), who delivered the Wortham shard. However, he had no means of destroying such a powerful artifact, and for now, all they could do was hide it from sight. He revealed that the Horadric ritual he'd conducted had located the third shard within the Dark Wood.[19] Before they left, he informed them about legendary gems, and advised them to find Charsi for more information.[20]

Cain sent a message to Akara to pass onto the hero(es); that he'd arrived in the city, and was awaiting their arrival.[21]

Deckard Cain-ritual

Cain attempts to destroy the shards

Cain met with the hero(es) inside his workshop, and attempted to conduct a ritual that would destroy the Worldstone fragments they had obtained. He noted that they still pulsed with a "corrupting power;" the result of Baal's attempt to corrupt the artifact five years ago. However, the ritual had no effect, and he requested the hero(es) join him, trying to mirror the actions of the ancient Horadrim. However, even this wasn't enough, as a wave of force sent Cain flying against the wall, and the shards spawned a number of demons that the hero(es) were force to destroy. The hero(es) slew the demons, but while Cain was fine physically, emotionally, he despaired. Baal had corrupted the shards absolutely, which meant that they could not be destroyed. He found himself at a loss as to how to proceed, at least at first. Reasoning that there had to be a way, he began consulting Horadric texts. He advised the hero(es) to see Charsi, who wanted to show them Westmarch, and return after awhile.[19]

While the hero(es) wandered Westmarch, Cain looked up information on Zoltun Kulle– how he knew of the construction of the soulstones, how the Horadrim had killed him, and how they had subsequently attempted to expunge Kulle's knowledge from the world. However, the Horadrim were not as thorough as they believed. The hero(es) returned, and Cain told them that he believed that one of Kulle's libraries had survived, buried beneath the Shassar Sea. If they traveled there, they might be able to uncover information as to how to destroy the corrupted Worldstone shards. The hero(es) agreed to head there immediately.[22] To this end, Cain wrote a letter which they handed to Captain Rehm. The two had crossed paths before, and Cain called in the favor Rehm owed him by having him transport the hero(es) to Shassar by ship.[23]


Cain at Westmarch's docks

The letter worked, and Cain met the hero(es) at the docks. He bid them farewell, and told them he would be at his workshop when they returned.[24]

The Helliquary[]

Note: The following events can potentially occur at any point during Diablo Immortal.

"My friend, there is someone you should meet. A colleague of Charsi's named Rayek. He is a survivor of Arreat and something of an intellect. His Harrogathian expertise--combined with Charsi's skill at the forge--is already bearing fruit."

- Deckard Cain(src)

At some point, the hero(es) returned to Westmarch, where they met Cain at his workshop. He directed them to Rayek;[25] a Barbarian he'd befriended while they'd been away.[26] They later returned, telling Cain that they had discovered that the Einfrinn Tree was holding back demons called "Wrathborne." Cain told them of the Wrathborne's history, urging the hero(es) to stop them if they had the means.[27]

Fall of Damnation[]

The hero(es), with Cain's help were able to destroy most of the Worldstone shards, but not before Skarn obtained a shard for himself.[28] Fortunately, the hero(es) were able to kill Skarn, but his death allowed Diablo's soul to return from the Black Abyss.[29]

Tenacious Damnation

Skarn's soul is freed

Unfortunately, that was not the end of bad news. Upon destroying Skarn's shard, his soul was freed and returned to the Burning Hells[30]

With the return of Diablo's soul, Cain began to research ancient tomes for legends about the End of Days.

The Fractured Plane[]

Note: The following events can potentially occur at any point during Diablo Immortal, though are implied to take place after the end of the main questline.

"Greetings my friend. I have recently come into possession of [a] relic from Zoltun Kulle's library. The Amber Blade I acquired it from seemed to have little idea as to what they were pawning. It provides passage to a realm of existence that I could believe be of benefit to you. When next you are in Westmarch, come find me."

- Cain's letter(src)

Cain obtained the Sumina Glass from the Library of Zoltun Kulle from a member of the Amber Blades. He believed that the Blade had little idea as to what they were pawning, as the relic provided passage to the Fractured Plane. He wrote to the Shard-seeker, asking them to him when next they were in Westmarch.[31]

Cain repeatedly tried to use the artifact to gain access to the Fractured Plane, but had no success. He asked the Shard-seeker to aid him, similar to how they'd done so with the Worldstone shards, but success still evaded him. Since the relic had come from Kulle's library, the Shard-seeker suggested taking it to the Curator. Cain agreed.[32]

The Shard-seeker returned with the Sumia Glass, its power fully restored. Cain used it to open a gateway to the Fractured Plane, and advised the Shard-seeker that traversing the realm could aid them in their fight against Diablo.[32]

Forgotten Nightmares[]

"Ah, I see word finally reached you, my friend. Good, good! It appears your aid is in high demand these days. You've been personally requested once more."

- Cain to the Shard-seeker(src)

Cain continued to research tomes about legends of the prophecy of the End of Days. He received a letter from Mount Zavain for the Shard-seeker. The letter was from a Veradani Monk requesting help from the Shard-seeker to stop a resurgent darkness that threatened to overwhelm both Sentinel's Watch and the Sanctified Earth Monastery.[33].

The Shard-seeker was able to stop the darkness and uncover a hidden truth of the Zakarum Crusade. Meanwhile, Cain was refused audience with King Justinian IV; whose ears had been poisoned by Westmarch's nobles that did not want to believe that the world was "falling to ruin". Because of this, Cain sent word to Ormus, seeking help to stop the rising forces of Hell [34] He made efforts to gather allies to stand against Hell.[14]


"It's good you're here. Exquisite timing, as always...I've been trying to gather allies to assist us against Hell...and I've finally met with some success. Do you recall the friend I mentioned? He should be arriving today. His name is Karshun — he is an accomplished mage from Xiansai. I met his teacher in far-off Kurast when we were on the trail of the Great Evil Mephisto, and...well, I suspect he'll be a great help to us both. Could you find him at the docks and show him the way to my shop."

- Cain to the Shard-seeker(src)

Warm Reunion

Cain greets Karshun

Ormus sent his his apprentice Karshun in his stead, who had spent much time studying cults of the Great Evils. Cain ordered the Shard-seeker to meet Karshun and show him the way to his workshop.[14]

Karshun was able to astral project himself and the Shard-seeker to scry the closet sect of the Cult of Terror. Unfortunately they were discovered and narrowly managed to escape, but Karshun was injured by the backlash. Cain bid the Shard-seeker on a journey to Stormpoint island, while he took Karshun to a healer.[14]

Cult of Terror[]

"Diablo's cult failed to take Stormpoint Keep.... but they got the better of me. A massive shard of the Worldstone is in their hands."
"The shard was your objective. One island saved will not be enough if all nations fall."
"Dire news indeed... yet we are fortunate you blunted their advance. Every person we help is one more we can count on. King Justinian's aid is coming to Stormpoint, but it will take time."

- Discussion between the Shard-seeker, Karshun and Cain, on the loss of the shard to the Cult of Terror(src)

The Shard-seeker returned with bad news the Cultists were able to make off with the shard. Fortunately, they needed to figure out a way to send it to their master, and had the shard delivered to the Bride of Hell in order to fulfill that purpose. Karshun rebuked the Shard-seeker for not having the retrieval of the shard as their highest priority (even if it was because they had to save two orphans). Cain rebuked him for that, reminding him that no life saved is a waste. He announced a good news; King Justinian IV was sending reinforcements to Stormpoint, though it'll take some time for them to get there. He then promised to search ancient texts to find information about the Bride.[35]

Later the Shard-seeker returned with Zatham; an ally they made while at Stormpoint. Zatham announced that he had a contact who identified possible Terror Cultists in Westmarch, and sent the Shard-seeker to follow the lead. They returned with news that the cult were going to meet in Wortham. Zatham and the Shard-seeker then left to investigate. They returned with news that the cult failed to deliver the shard to Diablo, and were looking for a way to purify the shard. They also brought back the partly burnt pieces of a parchment. After reconstructing it, Cain found out that it was a marine map, with an island within the Forgotten Sea marked on it. Zatham identified the island as the Ancients' Cradle, but said that they would need the Pathstone to navigate the waters. After recovering the Pathstone, they had to wait for Zatham to find a way to attune it to the island. Cain then announced that he had to prepare for a journey[36]

Depart Cain

Cain departs for his journey

After finishing his preparations, Charsi and Karshun helped him to pack his belongings, while Rayek went to arrange for a cart. Karshun tried to dissuade him from the journey, citing his advanced age, but Cain was adamant. The Shard-seeker arrived with news that Zatham had found a way to harness the Pathstone. After inquiry about the activity in the workshop, Cain informed them that he was leaving to follow a rumor about the end of days. He told them to inform his his companion for the journey (a paladin named Akarat), who was at the docks, that he'll be joining him in a short while. Before he left, he handed over his workshop to the joint supervision of Karshun and Rayek, and told Charsi that she was free to make use of it if needed.[37]

The Order[]

The Secret Repository[]

"Are you really the last of the Horadrim?"
"What I learned, I learned from books. It's a forgotten order. If there were any others left, they would surely be more prepared than I am, and would have made themselves known by now."
"So if you are the last, what then?"
"I must do what I can to stop what is coming to Sanctuary. And pray it is not too late."

- Akarat and Cain(src)

Deckard Cain-magician

Deckard Cain

Seven years after the destruction of the Worldstone, Cain met the Paladin Akarat in Westmarch. He told him his stories, and they set out into the Borderlands in search for an ancient Vizjerei repository. Recently, before this, Cain had started dreaming about his childhood and his mother's stories, waking up in a cold sweat each night. Regardless, they made their way into the repository, and Cain found himself being reminded of Aidan by Akarat, given their similar youth and naivete. Making his way into the repository, Cain realized that he'd entered a ritual chamber, where Vizjerei had summoned demons into Sanctuary. One demon was still present, and tried to torment Cain, taking the form of Aidan before dividing itself into replicas of Jered and Amelia. Akarat came in and tried to strike the demon with his sword, but it was no use, as it went straight through its body. Akarat might have strength of steel, but he was suffering from the demon's psychological assault even more than Cain, and the demon ended up possessing him. As the demon mocked Cain, it let slip that others had come to the repository before he'd arrived, and hinted as to the true master that he served. Cain was able to reverse the summoning spell that had brought the demon into the world, sending it back to Hell, and with it, Akarat's body.

Cain made his way back to the surface, and found that among the texts he'd scavenged from the repository were Horadric ones. One referred to the Tomb of Al Cut, and the rise of a false leader arising from the ashes after Heaven laid waste to Sanctuary. However, the demon had also mentioned a savior, "hidden among thousands in plain sight, not three days' journey from here." Cain set out for Caldeum, as it matched the distance/travel time the demon had referenced, plus, it would have vast amounts of literature that he could study.[3]


Deckard Cain-instinct

Deckard Cain

Arriving in Caldeum, Cain went to Gillian's house. To his dismay, he could see that Gillian's experiences in Tristram had taken a toll on her, both physical and psychological. He also kept his eye on Leah, whom he knew to be Adria's daughter. He could also sense that she had some magic about her. Regardless, he asked for Gillian's help in identifying the makers of a replica book he'd found in the depository; the one of Horadric text. Looking at the binding, Gillian mentioned a bookseller named Kulloom. He was confronted with the severity of Gillian's madness, and was wrecked with guilt that he hadn't come sooner.

Cain stayed the night, and the following morning, found Gillian in much better spirits. He set off in search for Kulloom, and was advised to search for him in the Searing Sands Inn. Cain attracted a few stares from people who thought he was of the Zakarum faith, but finding Kulloom, he recognised Cain as just being a wanderer. His impressions of Gillian and Leah were less favorable however. Cain showed him the book he'd found, and Kulloom's mood darkened, telling him of a group that was calling itself Horadrim. As for the book, he opined that it had been bound in Kurast. He offered to make some inquiries, but Cain said he'd go to Kurast himself. To that end, Kulloom told Cain to speak with a man named Hyland. On a final note, Cain asked him if he'd ever heard of a man named Al Cut, but Kulloom responded in the negative.

Cain left the inn, intent on heading for Kurast. However, Kulloom's words about this group of "Horadrim" weighed heavily on him, and he was guilty about leaving Gillian with Leah given the former's state. He doubted that the Horadrim were real (likely just a mage group), but did worry about the Tomb of Al Cut. He spent the rest of the day in the city, searching for any information on a group of mages who might refer to themselves as Horadrim. He had no luck, as people weren't keen on talking to him, especially when he mentioned Kurast. Hours later, with nothing to show for his efforts, he returned to Gillian's house as night began to fall. He found that Gillian's mood resembled that of their first meeting rather than the one earlier in the morning. Cain realized that Gillian was in more dire straits than she'd let on, as she'd lost her job as a barmaid and was low on money. Suddenly, Leah sat up from her bed, though with her eyes closed, she let out a wave of magic that slammed Gillian against a wall. Leah woke up, terrified, and Gillian lost it, screaming about the dead coming for Leah. Cain used some powder to incapacitate both of them.

Left with time to reflect, Cain surmised that Leah had reacted defensively to Gillian. However, the magic she'd used was unlike any he'd seen before, and he knew that without training, Leah could become very dangerous. Cain fell asleep, and when he awoke, realized that Gillian's house was on fire. Cain called out for Gillian, but heard no answer. He found Leah though, who begged him to help save her adoptive mother, but Cain explained that she was likely already dead. A man named James broke down the door and managed to get Cain and Leah out, while men used buckets of water to attempt to extinguish the blaze. James took them to his house, and Cain reflected that given the rumors that already existed about Leah and Gillian, the blaze likely wasn't going to improve their reputation. Gillian was drawn out of her house, but ranted at the crowd, claiming that she'd lit the fire herself to "burn away the sin." She yelled that the world was coming to an end and accused Cain of being a demon. Cain tried to get her to calm down, but failed, and the people were whispering. Gillian eventually calmed down, begging Cain to "make it stop." A nobleman suggested that Gillian be taken to a madhouse. Cain grieved for Gillian, knowing that none of the people could comprehend the horrors Tristram had marked her with, but also knew that there was nothing he could do for her. He told the nobleman that he would take Leah with him, and that he would leave Caldeum at first light. Gillian yelled at Cain, briefly slipping back into madness, before whispering "go to Kurast. They are waiting for you there, Deckard. Your brothers. Take Leah and go, please, and search for Al Cut. It is our only chance." Cain tried to get more out of her, but she was dragged away to the Caldeum Madhouse.


Cain and Leah in Caldeum

With a heavy heart, Cain returned to James and Leah. He told her that her mother could no longer care for her, and that she had to come with him. Leah remained mute, and Cain said that they would leave immediately.[3]

The Road to Kurast[]

"I'm trying to help you, Leah. But you can't...run off like that. You must understand that there are things...the road to Kurast is a dangerous one. A child could disappear in an instant, with nobody to witness what happened!"
"Are you trying to frighten me even more?"
"I am simply telling you the truth. It is my way, to speak plainly. There is evil in this world, things you cannot imagine. There are goatmen and demons and creatures even worse than that. It's best to be cautious and prepared."

- Cain and Leah(src)

Cain and Leah left Caldeum, travelling down the road to Kurast. While he was concerned about bringing Leah to Kurast, he had to consider the possibility that these Mages who called themselves Horadrim would be found there. They travelled all through the day, exchanging few words, before settling down to camp. Sitting by the fire, Cain told Leah that Gillian wasn't her real mother. Her real mother was Adria, who'd travelled with Gillian to Caldeum and given birth to her there. Leah accused Cain of lying. She ran off into the night, and Cain could sense her magic energy crackling in the air around him. He found her lying motionless and unresponsive on the ground near a river, and carried her back to the fire, where she sat slumped in shock. Eventually she opened up, wanting to know everything. He answered her as best as he could, telling Leah abut how Adria had arrived in Tristram, but that he'd read a report months ago that Adria had perished in the Dreadlands. This brought Leah to tears, but she eventually fell asleep. And likewise, so did Cain.

They set out the next day, not discussing events from the night before. However, Leah noticed the lack of anyone else on the road they were travelling down, and Cain revealed that they were headed for Kurast. Leah, knowing Kurast's reputation, accused Cain of being a Sorcerer, wanting to sacrifice her. Leah ran off, and given his age, Cain had no hope of keeping up with her. He headed on down the road, but found Leah waiting for him at the top of a hill, stating that she had nowhere to go, and no-one to help her. Cain assured her that he was trying to help her, but that she couldn't run off like that. Leah noted that Cain was speaking to her a lot like Gillian had, plainly stating that he was strange and that she didn't like him much. She pointed to a town on the bottom of the hill, wondering if the people there could help them. Cain consulted his map, but found that the town didn't appear on it. Still, he led Leah down the hill to the town.[3]

Lord Brand's Manor[]

"You are weak, Deckard Cain. You search for others to do your dirty work for you, yet you call yourself Horadrim. Those who put their trust in you have known only pain. The cards speak the truth: chaos and destruction is coming for you, and you will face a final judgment for what you have done."

- Lord Brand(src)

By the time they neared the town, night was close. The town guards were suspicious, but stood down with the arrival of Lord Brand. Brand told the pair that they could stay at his manor. Passing through the gates, Cain noted how empty the town's streets were. Only a dozen townsfolk were present, and all of them looked terminally ill. He began to wonder if he and Leah should have taken their chances in the jungle, but it was too late, as Brand led them to his manor. The two were served supper, and Brand inquired about their travels. Cain and Leah remained silent though, and after finishing, Cain evaded answering as to why they were headed for Kurast. He offered Brand payment for the hospitality, but Brand refused, instead offering them a card reading via Taratcha. Afterwards, the two were led up to their rooms, both of them showing symptoms akin to being drugged.

Cain had nightmares before he woke, and when he did awake, found himself in a bare room with his arms and legs immobile. His rucksack and staff were out of reach, and he couldn't see Leah. Brand entered the room and mocked Cain, telling them that he would stay in his manor for now. That his master commanded it. The Hell would destroy the world and the gates of Heaven would fall. That they couldn't stop it, but they might be spared if they sacrificed the girl. On cue, Cain heard a high-pitched scream from the adjacent room. Afterwards, Leah came into his own room, displaying the magic that had previously manifested itself. Cain used her magic to tear Cain's bed to pieces and sent the surrounding cultists flying against the walls. Cain, no longer immobilized, got to his feet, but was unable to wake Leah from her trance. Grabbing her hand, Cain led Leah out of the manor and into the town. The fog was thick, and townspeople crowded around, chanting. However, they were slow and clumsy, and he was able to swing at them with his staff. Looking back at the manor, he saw Brand, and a dismal, one story house in its place. Leah, having returned to her senses, ran. Cain did as well, but lost sight of her in the fog. Someone called out to him, telling him that the girl was safe. Cain slipped into an alley, following the voice. He found a man, along with Leah, and he led them out of the village. Cain recognised him as being a Monk. Heading into the jungle, the Monk told them that his name was Mikulov, and that he had been tracking Cain since Caldeum. They briefly spoke, Mikulov explaining that he had written scrolls written by the Patriarchs and other Ivgorod scholars that warned of a demonic invasion of Sanctuary. Scrolls that were similar to Cain's Horadric texts. Doing the bidding of his gods, he had come to correct an imbalance in the world. Afterwards, Cain and Leah fell asleep.[3]


The following morning, Cain reflected on what the demon had told him in the Vizjerei ruins, that his savior was "so close, hidden among thousands in plain sight, not three days' journey from here." He was wary of putting too much stock in the words of a demon, but he also knew that their lies could be hidden with the truth. Regardless, Mikulov announced that they had to wake Leah and head for Kurast. Cain told Mikulov that he could not take her there–Kurast was no place for a child, and it was a mistake for him to have taken her this far with him. Once he found a home for her, he could get back on the road. Mikulov told him that there was no time for it, that the month of Ratham was only days away. He further explained that he had had visions of hidden chambers underground, filled with the dead. And a man who called himself the Dark One, who in the visions, called the dead to light. The scrolls he possessed spoke of a coming war and the rising of the dead, which would occur on the first day of Ratham. Cain read the scrolls and noted that they were similar to his own, albeit with an exact date. Assuming they were correct, that meant they only had seven days to avert the coming disaster.

Cain reflected on Brand's words, of the master he had claimed to have served. They guessed that this was this "Dark One" that Mikulov spoke of. Mikulov revealed that this Dark One served another evil, and going by its description, Cain recognised it as Belial. He told Mikulov of his encounter with the demon in the tomb, and Mikulov concluded that they had to find the group who called themselves Horadrim. Which left them the issue of Leah. When he raised the issue, she begged him not to leave her. Relenting, Cain announced that they would head for Kurast together.[3]


Cain suffered nightmares on the trip, recalling his imprisonment in Tristram. Finally, they arrived at Kurast and began their search for Hyland. One of the people they met, aghast they'd come to stay here, rambled of people coming from Gea Kul. The man led them to The Red Circle, an inn, where they met Cyrus. They asked him about Hyland, to whom Cyrus was less than positively inclined. However, he told them to head to the docks tomorrow, that Hyland would be there.

The following morning, the three of them headed for the docks. They found Hyland there, trying to rally a crowd, but when Cain mentioned that he had studied the ways of the Horadrim, the crowd turned on them, accusing him of being a Feeder or the Dark One himself. Two men attacked, but Mikulov easily dispatched them. Afterwards, Cain talked with Hyland in a makeshift building that doubled as his 'office.' Cain showed him a Horadric book, and Hyland, after studying it, told Cain that it was likely made by a man who had come to stay in Kurast. A group of young scholars had come here looking for someone who could reproduce some ancient literature, and had found Gareth Rau. Eventually, impressed with the works the scholars had brought him, he joined the order and left Kurast. However, from what Hyland had heard, Rau had been killed by a Sorcerer who was called the Dark One. He further explained that the scholars who had come here spoke of the Horadrim as if they were Horadrim themselves, hence why the people had reacted so negatively, fearing that the Horadrim had been corrupted. The people believed that the Horadric texts, and the magic they contained, had brought the Dark One here.

Hyland told them about the Feeders, and that the people believed the scholars had summoned them into Sanctuary. However, he doubted that the scholars had willingly done this, venturing that they had been corrupted. He showed Cain some sketches he had retrieved from a dying boy. On one of them were the words Al Cut. He warned Cain that if they stayed in Kurast, they might not have to worry about finding more about the Feeders. Chances were they'd see one in person soon enough.

Cain talked to Mikulov about what Hyland had told him. Cain had little doubt that the Dark One was the false leader from the book of Horadric prophecies he'd found in the ruins, and most likely the same man Mikulov had seen in his visions. Also likely the master Lord Brand had served. Mikulov suggested that they head for Gea Kul. They returned to The Red Circle, but Cain shunned the Monk's company. He needed to search for answers, and they had only five days left until the 1st of Ratham. That night, they were attacked by a Feeder, which incapacitated Cyrus. However, Mikulov was able to drive it off. Tomorrow, they would head to Gea Kul.[3]

Gea Kul[]

The three traveled to Gea Kul, finding it dilapidated and its people gripped by fear. They were approached by Hanos Jeronnan, who took them to the Captain's Table. He gave them food, and Cain sensed a kindness about the man, agreeing to trust him. Cain asked him about the supposed Horadrim that existed. He explained that the people held them accountable for the ills that had befallen the town. He told them about the man who'd led them, Gareth Rau, who had come with the Horadrim months before. A large stone tower had been built on the edge of the sea. However, Rau disappeared, the group went into mourning, and that was when the troubles began, as Feeders began invading people's homes in the night. He explained that the order had vacated the area a couple of months ago, but there was a hidden place in the town where they'd gathered to study. He didn't know its exact location, but offered to take the trio to the area where it was.

Cain wondered if Jeronnan might be leading him into a trap, but decided to trust the man. He followed him back into the streets while leaving Mikulov with Leah. He took Cain to a street with rundown shacks, telling him that they'd meet here, then disappear. He gave Cain a horn, telling him that blowing it would keep those corrupted by Feeders at bay. Jeronnan left, and Cain inspected the sight. If this new group of Horadrim was like the old one, they'd be hiding in plain sight using a spell of concealment. Using the Vizjerei spellbook he had picked up in the ruins, he was able to find a Horadrim symbol carved on one of the larger stone buildings. He ducked into it, closing the door behind him.

Cain descended down stone steps into the gloom. At the bottom, he found a slashed Horadric tapestry, finding that it had been slashed with claws rather than a blade. A creature emerged from the gloom, but was saved by a white-hooded figure, who led him down a corridor beyond the tapestry. He introduced himself as Egil; a member of the First Ones– the Horadrim. Cain's mind started to race, but he had no time to contemplate the questions within it as he followed Egil through the gloom. He told Cain that the creature was an Unburied, and that this place was the original First Ones meeting site before they left Gea Kul. He was trying to retrieve some texts, but was afraid that they might now be ruined. He explained that the First Ones were in a state of transition. Cain asked if it was because of Rau, to which Egil responded "it is complicated." They returned to the Captain's Table, where they reunited with Leah and Mikulov. Egil took them into the wilds outside the town, leading them to the First Ones.[3]

The First Ones[]

The men they met with were initially suspicious, but after Cain showed them his reproduction of the Horadric text, they became more animated. Some of the First Ones treated Cain with adulation, others ignored him. Egil explained that there were those who believed in the future of the Horadrim and those who didn't, hence the divide. Mikulov explained about the urgency of their situation, given how Ratham was approaching, but Cain noticed that the men before him knew few actual details about the dangers approaching Sanctuary.

Egil told Cain about the formation of the First Ones, and it matched up with what Hyland had told him. He further elaborated on Rau, and how the First Ones had forsaken him when he'd gone down a dark path. Cain concluded that one of the Lesser Evils had corrupted him. Cain beheld the tension between Egil and other members of the group, some pressing heading for their homes, while Egil pointed out that because of what Rau had done to the land around the Black Tower, there were no homes for them to go back to. Disheartened, Cain walked outside the caves– the group was a disaster, he reflected. Mikulov approached him and correctly deduced the source of Cain's discomfort. Egil also approached him, explaining how some had lost faith in the Horadrim's mission. He hoped Cain would be their leader, that there were those still eager to learn. He showed Cain the Horadric Cube, which they had retrieved near the Tristram Cathedral. He begged Cain to take it, to pass on his knowledge to the First Ones. Cain acquiesced and headed back into the caves, telling Egil to tell him everything he could remember about his time in Gea Kul.

Cain, in addition to helping sort out the group's misconceptions, pressed for information on the Tomb of Al Cut, or any mention of Al Cut himself. Egil revealed that the First Ones had been in the same tomb that Cain had been in with Akarat. Egil told him that more texts might be inside their Horadric library in Gea Kul. They approached the town using the tunnels located under it. On the way, Cain told the group stories of his role in the persuit of the Dark Wanderer, and Baal's actions at Mount Arreat. He did this to inspire the First Ones, but recounting it now, he found himself inspired by his own words. Arriving in the library, Cain was impressed with the collection. The companion text was found, which detailed a battle between Horazon and Bartuc during the Mage Clan Wars. Bartuc had prevailed, and had returned to the city under the cover of darkness and used his demonic powers to bury the city beneath the ground. The city's name was Al Cut. Gea Kul had been built atop of it.

The Dark One[]

"It's about time you arrived. A bit too slow, I'm afraid, and still blissfully unaware. Then again, you were always the last one to see the truth, weren't you, Deckard Cain?"
"Who are you"
"You know who I am. After all, you came here looking for me."

- Rau and Cain meet(src)

After the moment of realization, they discovered that Egil had gone missing. They were able to find a hidden chamber, and Egil there, or rather, something that had possessed him. Cain realized that Egil had been possessed by Rau. Mikulov attacked him, but Rau easily incapacitated the Monk with a flash of green light. Rau tormented Cain with visions; a memory of the day when he'd learnt of Amelia and Jered's death. When Cain came to, he found Egil's fingers around his throat, and that the man's face had changed. No longer Egil or Rau, but this time, Belial, talking through his servant. Belial mocked him, and claimed that everything Cain had done had been in service of the Lord of Lies. Cain began to believe Belial's words, but Mikulov came to and plunged a knife into Egil's body. Belial reacted with mild amusement in regards to his vessel being killed. Cain, however, fled the chamber, as Belial's words echoed in his mind. That, and the demon's instructions to "check the book." Returning to the library, he found the book Belial was referring to, and the words written in blood upon it...

"The girl is mine."[3]

The Eleventh Hour[]

"You are no savior. No true Horadrim would have allowed this. That way of life is long gone, and many have lost their lives pursuing it. Sanctuary has changed, and not for the better! It's time for us to stop playing at fantasies, stop pretending to be something we are not. We would all be well served to accept the truth, run far from here, and live out what time we have left before they come for us again."
"You are all good men. I thank you for your bravery here today. I am no Horadrim, and never was. I'm only an old scholar. Perhaps Farris is right: perhaps you should all get as far away as you can. I'm sorry."

- Farris and Cain(src)

Cain returned to the First Ones, and learnt that Leah had been taken. Farris explained that townspeople from Gea Kul had attacked the group, alongside Fallen, khazra, and undead. They fought back, and Leah was able to kill several of the attackers with her magic, but she was abducted, and her protector killed. His grief turning to anger, Farris turned on Cain, holding him responsible for what had happened, and suggested that the First Ones disband. Cain, caught up in his own despair, didn't challenge the assertion. Mikulov tried to bolster his spirits, but Cain didn't want to hear it. In his view, he was not even a Horadrim, just a crude shadow of what he might had been. The truth was that they were alone, and that the month of Ratham was upon them. Mikulov went to pray to the gods while Cain returned to the clearing where the First Ones had been. He found what was left of the group packing up their personal items. The attack had shattered the group, and Cain knew that what was left of the First Ones would be no match for Rau. Thinking of Leah however, shook him out of his self-pity and despair. He knew, deep down, that Leah was still alive, and rallied the spirits of the First Ones. Mikulov returned, and Cain declared that they would assault the tower. As a show of strength, he utilized the Horadric Cube, empowering his staff. The First Ones were behind him, and he began planning their assault.[3]

Assault on the Dark Tower[]

"Deckard Cain. Come find us, and learn the truth about this world. Your destiny awaits, as does mine. We are linked, you and I, through history and legend. We are more alike than you care to believe. I am a scholar, as you are. I am descended from those you would call heroes. But they were blind, as you have been. We can change that."

- Rau contacts Cain(src)

Cain met with Jeronnan on the edge of the jungle; the only way the plan was going to succeed was if the captain made a distraction, which Jeronnan agreed to. In the meantime, Cain and the First Ones studied maps of the tunnels that ran directly under the tower. The First Ones gathered roots and minerals for Cain to make explosives, and the plan fell into place. Jeronnan and the few remaining citizens not in Belial's service would march on the tower directly, while Cain and the First Ones would use the tunnels to gain access to the tower. It was a small group of 25 men, and poorly armed at that, but they were able to enter the tower and fight their way through Belial's servants. Heading through the tunnels, they came into a large open area, which Cain realized was Al Cut, buried beneath the surface. As awe inspiring as the city was however, Cain knew that they couldn't linger, as they had until dawn for the sun to rise on the 1st of Ratham.

As they made their way through, Cain heard a voice, which he recognised as belonging to Rau. Rau bid Cain find him and "learn the truth." Rau claimed that Jeronnan and Leah were dead, and Cain reminded himself that this was a servant of Belial, and that he should not listen to him. However, he couldn't help but wonder if he and Rau did have things in common...and that in listening to him at all, if he'd made a terrible mistake. Whatever the case, the group came under attack, and Rau possessed Farris in a similar manner he had Egil. To make matters worse, some of the First Ones had thrown in their lot with Farris as well. Thanks to Mikulov however, the attack was repelled, and Farris and his men subdued. Some of the First Ones stayed behind to guard the traitors while what was left of the group assaulted the Dark Tower directly. Mikulov led the charge, but the other First Ones were able to pull their weight as well, holding the enemy at bay while Cain looked for Leah.

Moving through the tower, Cain found his mind enter a new state, as if he was observing his own body. This became an observation of his entire life, but when he heard Leah scream, he was able to pick up the pace. He found Leah, guarded by Feeders. Using the powers of his staff, Cain was able to get the Feeders to retreat, and while Leah was unconcious, she was still alive. However, he was confronted by Rau, this time face to face. Rau revealed that he was the descendant of Tal Rasha, betrayed by the Horadrim. Cain said that Tal Rasha was not betrayed, that he had willingly taken it upon himself to contain Baal's essence, but Rau claimed that this story was a lie. That Jered Cain had used demonic magic to trick Tal Rasha and forced the soulstone upon him, in an effort to spare his own life. Cain refused to believe it; he knew the histories of the Horadrim. Tal Rasha had never had children. All of this was Belial corrupting Rau's thoughts, a claim which Rau didn't take kindly to. Rau tried to attack Cain, but a wave of magic emanated from Leah, and in the moment afterward, Belial contacted him directly. He showed Cain images of his wife and son being tormented in Hell, showing him a vision where demons, not bandits, were the ones who had killed them. He claimed that Cain had known this truth all along, and stated that soon, he would directly control Rau as his host. That soon, Sanctuary would fall, and after that, Heaven. Cain beheld the vision Belial forced upon him, of Sanctuary as a tortured hellscape with humanity either enslaved, or left in piles of corpses.

Cain opened his eyes and found the vision gone. Leah's magic had brought some time, but had awoken thousands of undead soldiers below; those who had perished in the Mage Clan Wars. Cain attacked Rau, smashing his staff against the man's forehead, and then plunging the shaft into his chest. Cain tended to Leah, and was able to awake her from the drugs that had been forced upon her. Yet despite everything, Rau was still alive, quite able to remove the shaft from his chest as if it meant nothing. However, while his body was continuing to function, his mind was beginning to falter, as because of Cain's words, he began to doubt what Belial had told him. Cain said that Belial had lied about his ancestry. That when Belial took full control of his form, Rau would cease to exist. Rau looked set to come to, but Belial began to manifest himself. Leah came to however, and a moment of recognition caught Belial offguard, commenting "I know that face...". What this meant, Cain couldn't deduce, but it didn't matter, as the charges he had entrusted to the First Ones began to go off, due to the wave of magic that Leah had set out earlier. The tower began to collapse, and the sea flooded into the buried city. Beholding Rau, Cain could see that he was fighting for control. With a single, strangled cry, Rau threw himself out of the window, into the sea. Cain grabbed Leah and the two fled.[3]


"A hero. The last of the Horadrim."
"I hardly think– "
"It takes all kinds. You don't have to carry a sword to be heroic. For a smart man, you seem to have missed the point. You led us to the edge of death and back again. You were the only one with a plan, even at our darkest point when we wanted to give up. Without you, we would have been lost."

- Mikulov and Cain(src)

Cain and Leah reunited with the First Ones, Mikulov, Jeronnan, and the remaining townsfolk. After exploring the ruins left behind from the tower, and finding no sign of the horrors that had served Belial, Cain, Leah, Mikulov, and some others returned to the Captain's Table. Leah remained unresponsive for most of the time, but began to regain her sense of self at the inn, though had scant memory of what had transpired. Cain decided to keep the events hidden from her, reasoning that her childhood would be better spent without those memories to haunt her. He declared that they were family now.

Over the next few days, life slowly returned to Gea Kul. Every time Cain left the Captain's Table, he found a small crowd of people waiting for him outside, akin to religious pilgrims. Cain wasn't sure about how the people treated him as some sort of hero, but Mikulov told him that he was, that he was indeed the last Horadrim. Cain didn't contest the point, and returned his attention to Leah; she was incredibly powerful, but her trauma had blocked out most of her memories. Not just of the tower, but most of their adventure. He also wondered about Belial, doubting that the Lord of Lies would give up on his attempts to conquer Sanctuary. Whatever the case, he and Mikulov parted ways.

He told the First Ones that he would be leaving them, assuring Cullen and Thomas that they were more than capable of leading others into the light. Cullen protested that Cain was the last Horadrim in Sanctuary, and therefore best to lead them. Cain refused however– if he was the last Horadrim, his first priority was to deduce what the destruction of the Worldstone meant for the mortal realm. Thomas accepted his decision, which left Cain to deal with Leah. He knew he had to find a place for her to stay where she'd be safe. Before he could tell her this however, Leah said that she wanted to stay with him. Cain warned her of the dangers they would face if she stayed with him, but Leah said that she didn't care. Cain was the only family she had left now, and she wanted to stay with him. Cain accepted her, and took Leah under his wing. The two of them sat at the docks by the water, and Cain was reminded of his wife and son. For the first time in as long as he could remember, he felt at peace.[3]

Artifact Hunting[]

"I miss searching for lost artifacts with Uncle Deckard, even though it did have its dangerous side. I can’t tell you how many times I had to drag him away from an army of skeletons because he was fixated on some dusty old tapestry."

- Leah(src)


Deckard Cain

Over the next thirteen years, Leah and Cain hunted for artifacts and lore that would help them piece together the Prophecy of the End of Days.[38] They travelled all over the world.[39] They encountered little danger, and no-one paid a weaponless and penniless couple crossing their lands.[40] However, more than once, Leah had to drag Cain away from skeletons as he investigated "some dusty old tapestry."[41]

Cain also tried to teach her how to control her abilities. His Horadric knowledge formed the basis of his teachings, but it never really helped. Still, he never gave up on her.[38] During this period, Cain carried out research into Adria. He decided to keep what he learned a secret, and hid the truth from Leah.[2] He came to suspect that Leah's father was Diablo.[42] During their travels, they visited the Great Library in Caldeum, though Cain knew that Leah was spending her time exploring the sewers.[5]

Over the years, Leah remained plagued by bad dreams, and Cain too was at times plagued by them. In one dream, he saw angels and demons, and Leah, standing between them, appearing as she would at the age of 21, not as the child that was still beside him. Cain came to learn of the Prophecy of the End of Days; a prediction of the End Times which he came to fear might be inevitable.[5] He would talk about it non-stop, much to Leah's annoyance.[2]

Deckard Cain-lofi

Cain in his studies

Eventually, after twelve years of travel and with Leah now a young woman, the two came back to what was left of Tristram, with Cain still in pursuit of the prophecy.[43] Cain had avoided returning to Tristram for a long time, still haunted by the memories of what had transpired there.[44] When Cain told her they were setting out for New Tristram, Leah began asking about her mother with growing frequency. Cain had expected that this would happen, but still, it vexed him. On the first day of their arrival, Leah sketched a portrait of Adria that filled him with disquiet. Despite having never seen her mother before, Cain was put off by the perfect likeness. He wondered if straying near Adria's hut had awoken some kind of dormant memory. He warned Leah not to linger around the place, but Leah refused to listen. Cain wondered if he could blame Leah for wanting to know more about her mother, and in truth, his thoughts were lingering on Adria as well.[2]

Cain spent his days poring over the tomes and manuscripts found in the ruined cathedral.[43] Leah split her time between helping him, and helping out in the town.[44] He spent some time in the Slaughtered Calf Inn. He would spend hours chatting with Bron, or simply sit at a table, listening to the other patrons talk, smiling to himself.[45]

The End of Days[]

"It has begun."

- Cain, upon seeing the Fallen Star(src)


Cain in the Tristram Cathedral

In 1285, Cain's fears proved justified, as he beheld the coming of the Fallen Star. It hit the cathedral, blasting Cain into the depths of the structure.[43]

After being rescued by a group of heroes, from the ruins of the cathedral, Cain led them back to New Tristram. He happily reunited with Leah and told the heroes that in regards to the Fallen Star, the Prophecy of the End of Days indicated that the end had begun. Leah dismissed such a claim, and was just glad to have him back.[46] That aside, he told the heroes that in light of Leoric's return, they had to put him to rest. He told them to seek out Haedrig Eamon, who knew the locations of Leoric's old crown. That, he explained, was the key to defeating him. After they departed, he told Leah that she should not dismiss the signs of the End Days so lightly, asking her what further proof she needed in light of what was happening around them. Leah, however, still wasn't convinced, pointing out that the lands had endured similar horrors before.[47]

The heroes returned with the crown. Cain told them to put the crown on Leoric's head, and thus destroy him. In doing so, they would be able to gain access to the Fallen Star. In doing so, they encountered a stranger; a man without memory. He was taken to Cain, who was skeptical that this man was the Fallen Star, stating that no-one could survive such a fall.[39] Leah could tell that her uncle was disappointed; that he'd expected something more miraculous.[48]

The stranger was amnesiac, and could not recall who he was, or why he had come, only that he had come to deliver a warning. Cain commented that the stranger's warning might be the thing that could save them from impending doom.[39]

Cain asked the stranger to tell them everything he remembered. The stranger mentioned a sword that had been with him in the fall...part of him, before splitting into three pieces. Cain declared that they had to find the pieces, as he believed that restoring the sword would restore the stranger's memory. Leah pointed out that that the khazra were rampaging through the Fields of Misery, and Cain deduced that just as the stranger's fall had caused the dead to rise, so too had the sword fragments driven the goatmen to madness. The heroes headed off to retrieve the fragment.[49]

Over time, Cain began to realize who the stranger really was, and had suspicions about the true nature of the heroes that were aiding them.[5]

The heroes returned with the first fragment, but reported that the Coven were also trying to obtain the pieces. The stranger stated that he sensed a darker presence guiding the Coven's hand.[49] The hero mentioned that the Coven's leader, Maghda, had told them that the second piece was located "where only ancients may tread." Leah commented that the term reminded her of the Drowned Temple, remembering when Cain told her about it. Cain agreed, and had Leah head to the temple with the heroes, since her knowledge of the temple could prove invaluable.[40]


Cain's last moments

With two of the three pieces recovered, the stranger mentioned a third heading towards a fishing village. Leah realized that he was referring to Wortham. Cain bid Leah and the heroes head there via ferry. However, the Coven burnt the village, retrieving the third piece. Worse, Maghda and her cultists took Cain and the stranger prisoner and New Tristram, as well as Leah, who had returned to New Tristram early to check on Cain. Maghda threatened to kill Leah if he didn't use his Horadric arts to fix the sword. She used her magic to wound Cain, which caused Leah's powers to erupt, killing Maghda's cultists. Maghda retreated, leaving the fragments, but taking the stranger with her.

Maghda's blow had fatally wounded Cain. His final act before dying was to use his Horadric arts to repair the sword, revealing it to be of the High Heavens and the stranger's identity as that of an angel. He then died, and Leah broke down crying.[45]


"My dear Leah. In the inevitable event of my death, may I precede you by many decades to the grave. Do not mourn me, Leah. Despite all I have been through, I have had a long and amazing life. I have died doing exactly what I was meant to do. I have lived and loved freely these long years– and have known only joy at seeing the bright, beautiful woman you've become. I believe that I now go on to a place beyond imagining, though I have no name for it, nor real understanding of where it lies, save beyond the broken bounds of this world."

- An excerpt of Cain's last note to Leah(src)


Cain's body before being cremated

Although Cain and Leah had only been living in town for about a year, Cain was well liked and respected by everyone. His death brought great sadness and anger among the townsfolk, not to mention hopes for merciless revenge against Cain's murderer.[45]

After the Nephalem defeated the Butcher and freed the angel - revealed to be the former Archangel of Justice, Tyrael, Cain was laid to rest on a funeral pyre outside Tristram. Leah and Tyrael paid their final respects before cremating his body, Leah promising to carry on his work.[50]

Cain left behind a final note to Leah in his tome,[5] which she took into her own possession.[50] She missed her uncle dearly,[2] and Cain's death was avenged by the Nephalem when they killed Maghda.[51] As she continued to study his writings, Leah realized that she had taken Cain's wisdom for granted.[41] Cain's death was avenged by the Nephalem when they slew Maghda in Alcarnus.[12]

After Leah's death, Cain's writings passed into Tyrael's hands, and he incorporated them into his own work.[2]

During Diablo's assault on Heaven, he used an apparition of Cain in an effort to break the will of his foes.[52]

By the end of his life, Cain had become well known by scholars of demonic lore.[47] Decades after Cain's death, Lorath Nahr stated that he believed history would judge Cain amongst the greatest Horadrim, representing the best of what the Horadric Order could be. That Cain's contributions, and to humanity as a whole, could not be overstated.[12] He also noted that Cain would likely scoff at such a claim. He relied on Cain's writings extensively when compiling his own tome.[53]



Deckard-Cain Diablo1

Cain near the well in the center of Tristram

Cain appears as an NPC in Tristram. He identifies items for a cost and gives the player(s) background info for quests. Towards the end of the game, Cain reveals his true identity as the last of the Horadrim, and sends the player(s) to destroy both Archbishop Lazarus and Diablo himself.

For his dialogue, see Deckard Cain/Dialogue.

Diablo II[]


In Diablo II's Search for Cain quest, Cain is rescued by the player(s), and afterward follows the player through each of the game's Acts. Once Cain has been rescued by the hero(es), he will identify items free of charge. If the player neglects to rescue Cain, the rogues will do so after the Sisters to the Slaughter quest and the player must pay 100 gold for each item identified, though he will still follow the player through each act.

For his dialogue, see Deckard Cain/Dialogue.

Diablo Immortal[]

Cain appears as an NPC in Diablo Immortal. He is encountered in Wortham at the start of the game, and later in Westmarch, where he can be found inside Cain's Workshop. After the player completes the Bilefen questline, they return to Cain's workshop, where he introduces them to Rayek, and in turn, the Helliquary. After players complete the game's main questline, Cain gives them Jered Cain's Vision.

In an early build, Cain was found in the Forsaken Ruins[54] on Bilefen.[55] This appears to be absent from the game's final build.

Diablo III[]

Cain face

Artwork of Cain in Diablo III

Deckard Cain returns in Diablo III, though only for the game's first act. Additionally, his journal entries can be found, along with his writings that form the basis of many of the game's collectible tomes.

In addition, in the last quest of Act IV, the nephalem has a chance to meet with his spirit in the second level of the Silver Spire. Unfortunately, after insulting the heroes on their choosing to side with Tyrael, the 'spirit' reveals itself to be the Aspect of Hatred. Players can skip him, however, if they feel they are not up to the fight.

Diablo IV[]

Deckard Cain Diablo IV

Cain in the Vision of Tristram

Deckard Cain, along with many Diablo II characters, appears in the Vision of Tristram in Diablo IV.


Tome This page contains obsolete content
This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay.

Cain was killed off in Diablo III as Blizzard Entertainment wanted to up the emotional stakes, both for Leah and Tyrael, but for the player as well. Additionally, it was intended to carry and undertone of how had he survived Maghda, some of the tragedy of future events might have been averted.[56] Originally, the death was to occur later than it did in the final product, but it didn't seem fitting from a gameplay point of view. As Tyrael and Adria had taken on the role of advisors by this point in the story, there wasn't much for Cain to do at this point. Having Cain be accidentally killed by Leah as per her not being able to control her powers was also considered, but as Maghda has established herself as the "villain of the hour" at this point in the story, this idea was abandoned.[57]

Heroes of the Storm[]

Deckard Cain appears as a Healer in Heroes of the Storm.[58] His appearance combines elements from both his Diablo II and Diablo III designs, and his abilities draw references on the series. He can toss potions on the ground which can be picked up to heal himself and his allies, and can also use the Horadric Cube as an offensive ability, lobbing it into the air to damage and slow down his enemies. He also can also cast the Scroll of Sealing, which references at the Horadrim's ability to seal off demons, and in this game can root enemies in place. His Heroic Abilities include "Stay Awhile and Listen", which allows him to make enemies fall asleep in a wide area, and the "Lorenado", which is a reference to the Archivist, a 2009 April Fool's joke for a new class in Diablo III.

Deckard's gameplay operates by setting up healing potions on the ground beforehand, making him perfect for defending static map objectives. His offensive abilities provide large area of denial and zoning potential, which, when packed with talents, makes Deckard capable of disabling the entire enemy team, allowing his own team to capitalize on it. Deckard has access to gems talents at levels 1 (Sapphire), 4 (Ruby) and 7 (Emerald), which allows him to imbue his next cast of the Horadric Cube with increased damage and special properties depending on which gem he has active. His Super Healing Potion talent, at level 13, further increases his healing output by causing his potions to grow on size and potency after a few seconds after being tossed on the ground.

Most of Deckard Cain's talents references abilities, items and even lore from the Diablo universe:

  • His Trait, Fortitude of the Faithful, grants Deckard passive armor when grants cooldown reduction for his basic abilities when near at least one ally, referencing him as a traveling and loyal companion in Diablo II.
  • One of his talents at level 1 is called Scroll of Identify, referencing the item from Diablo I and Diablo II; in this game, it causes Scroll of Sealing to reveal enemies in the map after hitting them with the ability.
  • At level 7, one of the talent upgrades for his Horardic Cube ability is called Kanai's Cube, a reference to the artifact from Diablo III.
  • At level 16, he has access to the Horadric Staff, referencing the same weapon that must be assembled during the Act 2 of Diablo II; when this talent is picked up, Deckard's staff will emit a golden glow similar to the Horadric Staff in Diablo II when breaking the seal in Tal Rasha's Tomb.
  • Also at level 16, he has a talent called Scroll of Stone Curse, referencing the spell from Diablo I; in this game, it causes Scroll of Sealing to deal increased damage when hitting at least two enemies, a nod to how Stone Curse in Diablo I decreases the target's Armor Class.

Personality and Traits[]

"Sometimes I think that Cain talks too much, but I guess that is his calling in life. If I could bend steel as well as he can bend your ear, I could make a suit of court plate good enough for an Emperor!"
Deckard Cain-HotS

Cain in his more hale years

A kindly,[58] humble,[53] and avid scholar, Cain dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge[59] and the protection of Sanctuary from demonic threats. He had a soft spot for storytelling.[58] In life, Cain served as a symbol of hope to many.[16]

At the age of eleven, Cain was narrow across the shoulders. His face was thin and drawn, so he looked older than he really was.[3] At one point in time, Cain had the intent of writing a history of Sanctuary, starting from the myth of Anu and Tathamet.[5]

Cain had an innate ability to discern the true nature of many things.[8] This included gleaning the potential of artifacts and weapons.[60] He was proficient in sketching[5] and could utilize magic to a limited degree.[3]

Cain was a lonely man, from his days at Tristram, to his last days. Always lost in his books, Adria wrote that Cain was "looking for his purpose by digging through the past." And as such, a man who didn't know himself was too eager to trust.[10] He remained haunted by the physical and psychological wounds he'd suffered at Tristram for the rest of his days.[5] Wracked by guilt over his failure to save Tristram, he spent the rest of his life trying to make up for his perceived failings.[47] By the end of his life however, Cain had made peace with himself, believing that he had done what he was meant to do.[5]

Cain generally preferred books to people. He could empathize with people, but found himself struggling to offer comfort a lot of the time. He struggled to connect with most children, even as a schoolmaster.[3] However, he had great love for Leah, and regarded her as a daughter. In his final note to her, he wrote that she was "the single greatest joy of my life."[5] He had similar affection for Aidan, though not to the same extent.[3] He had great love for the city of Caldeum.[61]

Cain always prayed that the angels would one day actively fight on mankind's behalf, but carried some resentment towards them, claiming that they had never helped humanity as much as they could have. Auriel, for her part, considered Cain to be a validation of her belief in the worth of mankind.[3] He believed in the existence of an afterlife, one beyond the reach of Heaven and Hell, and that when he died (and presumably, all humans), he would go there. He believed that given humanity's propensity for both good and evil, it was clear that the 'essence' of their nephalem ancestors remained in them, as taken from angels and demons. He wondered if it might be possible for mankind to become something more, and suspected (correctly) that the powers of the nephalem might again manifest themselves within humanity. However, he also believed that mysticism and rationalism were two competing ideologies that humans would always be torn between.[5]

Cain was not normally given to hysterics. He considered his greatest strength to be his measured, calm approach to crises.[3]


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
Deckard Cain-HotS2

Deckard Cain's 3D render from Heroes of the Storm

  • Deckard Cain is voiced by Michael Gough in all his appearances. Gough is also known for voicing Tassadar in StarCraft and Heroes of the Storm, and also Mal'Ganis in Heroes of the Storm.
  • In Overwatch, a cheque signed by Cain can be found in the game's Route 66 map. The cheque contains a scannable barcode. If scanned, it returns the message "Cain Lives." The cheque itself is also dated 5/15/12 (the date of Diablo III's release).
  • Cain's "stay awhile and listen" voiceover can be heard in the Tristram Cathedral ride in the Blizzard World map in Overwatch.
  • Cain has been referred to as "the franchise's patriarch."[62]
  • In Diablo Immortal, the Memory of Jered Cain mentions that a prophet told him that his line would end the Horadrim. While the memory scoffs at the idea, from a certain point of view, the prophet's words could be considered accurate, given the context of Diablo III. With the death of Deckard Cain, who was then the last Horadrim (discounting Zoltun Kulle), the line of Cain could be said to have "ended" the Horadrim through Deckard's death (not counting the new Horadric order that Tyrael founded later).
  • In The Sanctuary Tarot Deck and Guidebook Cain represents The Magician card.
  • Cain's Corner was named after him.
  • After the release of Diablo I, for a period of time, Cain became the automated voice that provided instruction when outside parties called in to Blizzard.[63]

Character Development[]

  • Cain was named after the winner of PC Gamer's Name in the Game contest. The winner received a copy of the game and a commissioned Diablo statue.[64]
  • Cain's backstory was developed by Chris Metzen.[63]


  • In gossip from Act V of Diablo II, Cain mentions spending time with the Horadrim. This appears to have been retconned by The Order, where Cain's experience with the Horadrim was limited to his mother.


  • The Awakening lists Cain's birth as occurring in 1213 (through relative age). Book of Tyrael revised this to be in 1202. The Order gives Cain's year of birth as being 1202 through relative dating, but also 1213 later in the text.
  • Cain's age is arguably further muddied in Diablo Immortal, which refers to Cain as having "used his mind and his research to combat evil for many decades."[16] The "decades" range does not fit previously established lore with Cain, which established that prior to the Darkening of Tristram, Cain had ignored the knowledge of the Horadrim for quite some time, and had not 'fought' against demons prior to the events of the first game.
  • Of further note, the game's lore established that few humans in Sanctuary make it to Cain's age. Going by relative dating, Cain would be 68 during the game's events, and 83 at the time of his death.



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Captain Ravan
Caravan Leader
Hakan II
Iron Wolf Jarulf
Javad the Merchant
Lieutenant Vachem
Lugo the Miner
Mehtan the Necromancer
Nek the Brawler
Sadeir the Innkeeper
Silmak the Fence
Squirt the Peddler
Tilnan the Collector
Zaven the Alchemist
Zoltun Kulle
Andreus the Healer
Botulph the Miner
Captain Haile
Former Mayor Holus
Garell the Quartermaster
Halmin the Alchemist
Ironsmith Maldonado
Lieutenant Clyfton
Lieutenant Lavail
Lieutenant Merityn
Litton the Fence
Messenger Martyns
Nek the Brawler
Private Mattius
Sergeant Burroughs
Sergeant Dalen
Sergeant Pale
Vidar the Collector
Act IV
Andreus the Healer
Botulph the Miner
Captain Haile
Garell the Quartermaster
Litton the Fence
Nek the Brawler
Act V
Brother Anselm
Brother Francis
Captain Vonn
Diadra the Scholar
General Torion
Lady Serena
Lorath Nahr
Lord Harold Snowe
Master Crusader
Master Necromancer Ordan
Mehtan the Necromancer
Nek the Brawler
Patriarch Anisim
Powell the Miner
Sergeant Samuels
Zayl (Humbart Wessel)
Adventure Mode
Abd al-Hazir
Dane Bright
Djank Mi'em the PTR Vendor (PTR only)
Daivin the Adventurer
High Cleric
King Kanai
Lorath Nahr
Quentin Sharpe
The Crazed Man
Covetous Shen
Haedrig Eamon
Myriam Jahzia
Zoltun Kulle (Kanai's Cube)