Death's Bargain are legendary pants in Diablo III. They require character level 12 to drop, and may only be found in Act V or Act IV Horadric Caches.

The special affix may be somewhat efficient at lower difficulties, as it ensures passive damage within short range, but on higher difficulties, even a high Life regeneration multiplied tenfold and converted to damage still takes a deadly toll on the Nephalem's chances of survival, and is nowhere near as damaging as even the weakest of their damaging skills.

Stats (Level 12)Edit


Death's Bargain
Legendary Pants

  • 33–38 Armor


"Rumors persist that these baleful breeches were won from Malthael himself in a game of chance. Though the pants offer a significant advantage in combat, they never cease draining the vitality of those around them, as the unfortunate cardsharp learned only after bringing about the demise of his entire household. It would appear the Angel of Death is a sore loser." —Abd al-Hazir

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