Dead Rogue

The dead body of an Act I Rogue.

Skeleton Body

Someone long dead.

Dead bodies are a type of container holding potential treasure. Although they are "dead bodies", they are not able to be used by spells, such as Find Potion, Raise Skeleton, or Carrion Vine the same way as killed enemies.

Clicking a dead body will move it slightly and reveal any items or gold that was hidden on it.

There are many different kinds of dead bodies, usually depicting the local mercenaries from town. They may be lying down, propped in a sitting position, attached to a stake, or be positioned in other ways where they presumably died from the forms of torture inflicted on them by demons.

Dead bodies are generally not rigged with traps, but a few may start on fire once moved, or are placed within an already active fire.



Wirt is now just a dead body too.

Wirt's Body is a unique dead body found only in Tristram. It is the corpse of the one-legged Wirt of Diablo I.

This dead body always spawns multiple piles of coins and one Wirt's Leg.

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