Darrick Lang is the primary protagonist of The Black Road, part of a series of Diablo novels. Having suffered in childhood at the hands of his abusive father, the town butcher, Darrick escapes from his town Hillsfar, along with his best friend Mat Hu-Ring. He learns fencing from a master in Westmarch, while under his service and joins Westmarch navy after the master's death, along with Mat Hu-Ring. He is however unable to escape the mental anguish and is forever haunted by the chiding voice of his father.

Darrick proves to be an excellent fighter, though insubordinate at times, but is promoted to the rank of an officer after a while. While leading a mission to rescue the King's kidnapped nephew Lhex from the Pirate Capt. Raithen, in Tauruk's Port, Darrick and Mat witness the ex-Zakarum priest, Buyard Cholik, release the demon Kabraxis from the ruins of the buried city Ransim which lies beneath Tauruk's Port. Kabraxis notices them and in their attempt to flee from the demon's minions, Mat dies while falling off a cliff. Darrick holding himself responsible for Mat's death soon gives into drinking and picking up fights in order to drown his sorrows.

Failing to board the navy ship in Westmarch, Darrick journeys from town to town until he ends up at Seekers Point where he joins forces with Taramis Volken, a demon hunter. He journey's with him and is able to pick up the sword Stormfury which has the power to kill Kabraxis. Together they journey to Bramwell with other warriors, and with the aid of the badly burned Capt. Raithen's and the ghost of Mat, Darrick kills Buyard Cholik and the demon Kabraxis. However Kabraxis curses him and Darrick finds he has new healing powers, but those are bestowed to him by Kabraxis. Only the power of Stormfury keeps him in balance.

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