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The Dark Wood

The Dark Wood is a forest located in Khanduras. Once traversed by a group of heroes in their pursuit of the Dark Wanderer, the forest grew increasingly dangerous in the intervening years. A forgotten evil began returning to strength within the shadowed forest, ready to challenge those who might dare tread within.[1]


Diablo IIEdit

Dark Wood
Act Act I
Quests The Search for Cain
Monsters Carver, Carver Shaman, Skeleton Archer, Vile Lancer, Vile Hunter, Spike Fiend
Adjacent Zones Stony Field, Black Marsh
Area Level Normal 5
Area Level Nightmare 38
Area Level Hell 68
Waypoint Yes

The Dark Wood is a forested area in Act I of Diablo II, and can be reached by travelling through the Underground Passage located in Stony Field. It is the home of the Tree of Inifuss, which the player will be required to find during the Search for Cain quest.

The Dark Wood is inhabited by the same monster types found in previous areas of Act I, however, the Carver packs are noticeably larger than before. A Super Unique Brute named Treehead Woodfist can also be found here, near the Tree of Inifuss.

A landmark that always appears in this area is the ruins of a large house, infested with numerous Carvers and Carver Shamans. The area has far more trees than any other area in Act I, with the foliage potentially obscuring foes.

The Dark Wood has one exit, leading into the Black Marsh.

Diablo ImmortalEdit

The Dark Wood appears as a zone in Diablo Immortal.[2]


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