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"The dark berserkers are considered weaker demons, but their strength is still far greater than that of any human. I have found dark spells within the cathedral, written in Archbishop Lazarus' own hand, explaining how to summon them. I pray that no other copies exist, so that this terrible knowledge will be lost forever."

Deckard Cain(src)

Dark Berserker

Dark Bersekers (a.k.a. Pain Mongers and Manglers) are demons in service of the Coven, and enemy type in Diablo III. They are encountered in Act I and Act II, but not after players defeat Maghda.


Bersekers are weak by the standards of demonkind, but their strength is still far greater than that of any human. The means of summoning them was discovered by Archbishop Lazarus. Through these notes or otherwise, the means of summoning them was discovered by the Coven.[1]

Their blood is black.[2]


Berserkers are demons. They have a special overhead smashing attack, which they telegraph by powering up their menacingly risen mauls with a reddish glow and a very distinguishable sound. Their overhead attack is highly damaging, able to one-shot a glass cannon hero. Regardless of whether the blow kills or not, however, it also inflicts a slight Knockback. To make up for this, if the attack misses, the Berserker will hit the ground so hard that their maul gets stuck. While the Berserker struggles to pull its weapon free (roughly 3 seconds without control impairment), it is defenseless and can be killed swiftly.

Dark Berserkers

Dark Berserkers are first encountered in The Doom in Wortham quest, when the character comments along the lines of "something is drawing near," or "something is approaching." They are usually found in small groups along with Cultists, and are summoned by Maghda during most encounters. At some occasions, Cultist Summoners will summon a single Berserker instead of Hellions.


A Dark Berserker old model