This is about the weapon type "Daggers". For the individual weapon, see Dagger.

"Daggers are very short blades used for quick attacks and stabbing. Despite being non-traditional weapons of war, daggers are favored by some for their easy concealment, all-purpose utility, and effect on unprotected body parts."

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In the Diablo series, Daggers are one-handed weapons that have very fast attack speed but low damage. The most common use of dagger weapons in Diablo II is to enchant it with the Necromantic spell Poison Dagger, which is useful in the early to mid-stages of the game.

Daggers were classified together with Swords in the original Diablo.

In Diablo III, Witch Doctors have their own Dagger type called Ceremonial Knives. Daggers may be transmogrified into Spears, and vice versa.

Diablo IIEdit

Normal Daggers — DaggerDirkKrisBlade
Exceptional Daggers — PoignardRondelCinquedeasStiletto
Elite Daggers — Bone KnifeMithril PointFanged KnifeLegend Spike
Diablo II Unique Daggers
Normal Daggers — Gull (Dagger) • The Diggler (Dirk) • The Jade Tan Do (Kris) • Spectral Shard (Blade)
Exceptional Daggers — Spineripper (Poignard) • Heart Carver (Rondel) • Blackbog's Sharp (Cinquedeas) • Stormspike (Stiletto)
Elite Daggers — Wizardspike (Bone Knife) • Fleshripper (Fanged Knife) • Ghostflame (Legend Spike)
Quest Items — The Gidbinn

Diablo IIIEdit

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