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Cursebreaker of Tristram is a campaign achievement given for clearing all of the Cursed Chests in Act I of Diablo III. Despite the category, it can be completed in Adventure Mode as well.


Name Location
The Cursed Cellar (Chest) Damp Cellar
The Cursed Chamber of Bone (Shrine) Cathedral Level 1
The Cursed Court (Chest) Cathedral Level 2
The Cursed Grove (Chest) Fields of Misery
The Cursed Mill (Chest) Fields of Misery
The Cursed Hatchery (Chest) Caverns of Araneae
The Cursed Camp (Shrine) Southern Highlands
The Cursed Bellows (Chest) Halls of Agony Level 3

Achievement Rewards[]

  • 10 Achievement Points

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