"Welcome, Paladin Hale! You're just in time to help with the sacrifice!"

The curate(src)

A curate in a Zakarum cathedral was encountered by the Paladin Hale, as he brought a young girl named Bay to the monestary. She had lost her family to a khazra attack, and he told Hale that they would shelter her and instruct her in the ways of the Zakarum. He bid a fellow priest find quarters for Hale while he walked off with Bay.

I truth, the priests were in the service of Mephisto, and that same night, the curate led a ritual in the depths of the cathedral where they intended to sacrifice Bay to Mephisto. Hale heard her screams and fought his way into the chamber. The curate set his priests on Hale, and as the Paladin cut through them, he revealed that the Zakarum's true allegiance was to Mephisto. Hale kept fighting, and the curate teleported away with Bay before Hale could stop them, intent on sacrificing her to Mephisto.[1]


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