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Crystalline Passage
Act Act V
Quests None
Monsters Frozen Creeper,
Stygian Harlot,
Moon Lord
Uniques on Normal Snow Drifter,
Moon Lord
Monsters - Nightmare,Hell Snow Drifter,
Frozen Creeper,
Stygian Harlot,
Blood Lord
Guest Monsters Infidel,
Cave Leaper,
Bone Mage C,
Dark Archer,
Claw Viper
Uniques and Champions Quantity 0-1 (Normal)
4-5 (Nightmare)
7-9 (Hell)
Adjacent Zones Arreat Plateau, Frozen River, Glacial Trail
Area Level Normal 29
Area Level Nightmare 61
Area Level Hell 82
Waypoint Yes

The Crystalline Passage is an icy cavern connecting the Arreat Plateau and the Glacial Trail. Within it is the entrance to the Frozen River where Anya can be found. This is the first indoor location in Act V and it introduces the Frozen Horrors.


This area is called "Crystalized Cavern Level 1" in the files.