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Cryptology is an event in Act V of Diablo III. It takes place in Briarthorn Cemetery, and a bounty may be offered to complete it.

A woman by the name of Lady Gwyndolin stands outside of a crypt and asks for help protecting her family's crypt from "a monstrosity" infesting it. A swarm of Shadows of Death quickly appears and must be slain, after which the Chilling Reaper, Eremiel, steps in as event "boss". After his death, Lady Gwyndolin reveals herself as a ghost, and she joins her family to finally rest in piece.

Cryptology is one of the requirements for the Tomb Wader achievement.


  • Bounty: Reclaim Lady Gwyndolin's family crypt
  • Kill the reapers in the crypt
  • Kill Eremiel
  • Talk to Lady Gwyndolin


Lady Gwyndolin: "Please—a monstrosity infests my family's crypt, and there's no one to protect it."
Lady Gwyndolin: "Thank you, hero. We can all rest now."


This event was unable to be completed for quite some time due to a bug that made it impossible to interact with the Lady. However, as of January 2017 and Patch 2.4.3, the bug has been fixed and the event is now accessible.



Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Cryptology Event