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"A Crusader can wield a shield in their off-hand without sacrificing offensive prowess or boosts to their abilities. In fact, a Crusader is capable of inflicting as much punishment with these mighty shields as any hero with an off-hand weapon. For many Crusaders, a shield is their secondary weapon of choice."

- Game Guide(src)

Crusader Shields are special types of Shields usable only by Crusaders in Diablo III. These shields are much like Paladin Shields in Diablo II: large, heavy, ornamented, often decorated with Zakarum iconography. Each Crusader takes great pride in his or her shield, believing it to be a part of their battle gear as important as a weapon. The Crusader's feats and accomplishments are written in the inner surface of their shield.

In addition to all stats normally rollable by regular Shields, Crusader Shields may roll bonus damage of any of the Crusader skills, maximum Wrath, Life regained per Wrath spent, and Wrath regeneration. Any Crusader shield may be transmogrified into a normal shield, but only a Crusader can do the other way around.

Set Crusader Shields

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