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For general class lore, see Crusaders.
For the class as it appears in Diablo III, see Crusader (Diablo III).
"Roam the battlefield as a wrathful zealot, striking with cruel flails and clad in impenetrable armor. Seek glorious purpose ridding Sanctuary of Hell’s abominations and heretics. With your shield, safeguard humanity. With your Holy magic, vanquish evil. With your life, fulfil duty."

- Class description(src)


The Crusader

The Crusader is a playable class in Diablo Immortal.[1]


When Wortham was attacked, its mayor sent out a call the aid. A wondering Crusader was among the adventurers that answered the call.[2]


The Crusader is the game's 'tank' class. They are useful in both group and solo play, and are good for supporting other players via their party-wide damage and mitigation buffs.

In PvP, the Crusader has an innate 30% reduction of incoming damage from enemy players.[3]


Primary attacks[]



Level Up[]

  • "Let Light be restored."
  • "My Inner Light glows bright this day."
  • "The crusade marches on."
  • "Stronger and stronger in the Light."

Battle Taunt[]

  • "Akarat's fury upon you."
  • "Break against my shield."
  • "Burn before the Light!"


  • "Akarat, be praised."
  • "Kneel before the Light!"
  • "Like char in the wind."
  • "My crusade continues."
  • "Oh Zakarum!"
  • "The Light is glorious indeed."


  • "Burn in the light of day!" (Counterattack Storm)
  • "By holy fire be redeemed!" (Counterattack Storm)
  • "The Light burns within me!" (Counterattack Storm)
  • "Justice has come!" (Burning Heart)

Low Health[]

  • "I need aid!"

Health Potion[]

  • "Back to full strength."



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