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Crumbling Bunker is a dungeon that can sometimes be found in Battlefields of Eternity in Diablo III.

It is almost empty (save for a few Scouring Chargers), but as the name suggests, it is crumbling, dropping a stone at the player's head literally every few yards. Should player(s) make it to the end, they will find a Resplendent Chest.

However, getting out of the Bunker is more difficult (unless the Nephalem decide(s) to play coward(s) and use their Town Portal). Demons will begin to spawn in hordes, with type varying with each game, with a chance of unique twin Terror Demons named Dread Stalkers appearing. The monsters will spawn every time players step into the new segment of the bridge, but their total number is finite. By the end of the dungeon, they will stop spawning, and players may either escape through the front door or finish the foes in any way they see fit.

Alternatively, there may be a single Cursed Chest in the end. In this case, Dread Stalkers will always spawn, and defeating them will lift the curse; in this case, no monsters will spawn on the way back.

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