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"A tightly drawn crossbow can punch a bolt through hides or armor at long range. Crossbows are generally the slowest bow-type weapons thanks to their involved reloading, but their high kill chance more than makes up for their speed."

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Crossbows are two-handed Ranged Weapons, mainly used by Amazons in Diablo II and Demon Hunters in Diablo III. Their main difference from Bows is that Crossbows generally fire with greater Damage, but require more time to be loaded.

Diablo IIEdit

Diablo II Crossbow data[1]
QL Name Damage Speed Max sockets Str req Dex req Lv req
6 Light Crossbow 6–9 −10 3 21 27
15 Crossbow 9–16 0 4 40 33
24 Heavy Crossbow 14–26 10 6 60 40
33 Repeating Crossbow 6–12 −40 5 40 50
34 Arbalest 14–27 −10 3 52 61 22
40 Siege Crossbow 20–42 0 4 80 70 25
47 Ballista 33–55 10 6 110 80 25
54 Chu-Ko-Nu 14–32 −60 5 80 95 25
57 Pellet Bow LoD 28–73 −10 3 83 155 42
67 Gorgon Crossbow LoD 25–87 0 4 117 105 50
75 Colossus Crossbow LoD 32–91 10 6 163 77 56
84 Demon Crossbow LoD 26–40 −60 5 141 98 63
Diablo II crossbow attack speed data[2]
Class Base attack frames Base attacks per second
Amazon 19 1.31
Assassin LoD 20 1.25
Barbarian 19 1.31
Druid LoD 19 1.31
Necromancer 19 1.31
Paladin 19 1.31
Sorceress 19 1.31

Crossbows are two-handed Missile Weapons in Diablo II. Crossbows use up Bolts to fire (as opposed to Bows using up Arrows). If the player has no bolts in their inventory, they will be unable to use the crossbow until they acquire more.

Like Bows, Crossbows are compatible with Amazon Bow and Crossbow Skills, magic and rare Crossbows can have Amazon skill prefixes and Dexterity suffixes,[3] and Crossbow damage scales with the wielder's Dexterity, with each point of Dexterity equivalent to 1% enhanced damage.[4] Unlike Bows, Rogue Hirelings cannot equip Crossbows.

There are no set Crossbows.

Unique crossbowsEdit

The unique Crossbows in classic are:

Additional unique Crossbows in the Lord of Destruction expansion are:

Crossbow rune wordsEdit

The maximum number of sockets possible in a Crossbow is 6.

In the expansion, the following Weapon Rune Words function in nonmagic Crossbows with exactly the specified number of sockets:

Additional Rune Words for Crossbows in ladder play are:

Diablo IIIEdit

In Diablo III, ranged weapons do not need any ammunition, so the only difference between Bows and Crossbows is the damage/firing speed combination. All ranged classes save Necromancers may use crossbows, but only Demon Hunters may have any real use for those, as Crossbows suffice for using many of their skills. The crossbow may also be a good choice for the Scoundrel follower.

Demon Hunters also have their own weapon type, one-handed Hand Crossbows they can equip in pairs. Quivers may be combined with Crossbows for greater combat power.

As of patch 2.1, Crossbows can only roll Dexterity as primary stat when dropping. As of patch 2.2.0, Crossbows can also roll increased maximum Discipline.

Crossbows may not be transmogrified into any other item type.

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