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Cow King's Leathers is an item set in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

This set can only be collected in the Secret Cow Level, by killing any cows, not just the Cow King. It is a mid-low level set, with solid stats for its level that nevertheless pales in comparison to high level gear.

Given that they may only be found past the end of Normal difficulty, they are rarely effective gear for players who find them as drops. However, their low requirements make them an excellent set for twinking.


Cow King's Leathers

Partial Set Bonus

Poison Resist +25% (2 items)

Complete Set Bonus

Poison Resist +25%
25% Chance To Cast Level 5 Static Field When Struck
+100 Maximum Stamina
+20 To Strength
+30% Increased Attack Speed
100% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
100% Extra Gold From Monsters
+100 Defense
+100 to Life
+1 To All Skills

Cow King's Leathers