The Council of Clans was a council, consisting of members of the major and minor Mage Clans of Kehjan. The Council was erected in order to prevent the growing hostilities between the different clans from erupting into an all-out war. Along with the Merchants Guild, the Council of Clans was the effective ruling body of Kehjan.

The Council consisted of one chosen member from each of the seven dominant clans, in addition to a member of the next seven (less-powerful) clans. Only the dominant clans had a vote, but the lesser clans could bring up articles for debate. The Council was presided over by a chairman. In addition, there was an enforcement arm of consisting of spell-casters who had given up their essence to the Council, effectively removing any tie to their old Clans. These mages were to track down renegade spell-casters who had broken the covenants set up by the Council.

The Council also held a close watch over all mages. All spellcasters were required to leave a small piece of their essence in a secret vault, so that the mages could be easily found if they went rogue. The vault could only be opened by a majority of at least three-fourths of the Council.

The entire Council, along with many - of not all - of the Merchants Guild's ruling body, was murdered by Malic, in order to turn the Mage Clans against the Edyrem. Whether this permanently disrupted the unstable alliance between the Clans remains unknown.

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