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Cosmetic Sets are a gameplay feature of Diablo Immortal.


Cosmetics allow players to change their character's appearance without affecting your gear or stats. Think of them as a new visual you can apply instead of your equipment. Cosmetics are acquired per class, though each cosmetic set is available to every class. They affect the appearance of outfits and weapons; a few include custom animations.

It is intended that a new set be rolled out for all classes each month, themed after the month's Battle Pass. Purchasing the Battle Pass for a given month allows players to unlock a cosmetic outfit for any one class, and purchasing the Premium Battle Pass also includes custom portal skins and portrait frames.

Other cosmetics will be available in the Shop—some very closely tied to the world and backstory of Sanctuary, while others are classic theme shifts. Other cosmetics can be earned through play, and/or are exclusive to certain conditions (e.g. the Immortals have their own exclusive sets as they raise their faction's Dominance stat).[1]

List of Sets


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