Corrupted Angels

Corrupted Angels are angels that have succumbed to corruption of evil.



A Corrupted Angel in-game model

Corrupted Angels are only found in Act IV. Some of them can be freed before corruption drives them mad, but many will attack players on sight. Morlu Casters often call the Corrupted Angels for aid.

They count as demons and possess skull-shaped faces, burnt off wings and torn robes. Corrupted Angels attack slowly in melee combat, but deal massive physical damage. They move very quickly, phase freely through most obstacles and impassable terrain, and often (especially from where they are unreachable) charge at the player, hitting everything in their path for high damage and Knockback. Their charge, however, may not cross impassable terrain.

Corrupted Angels are not a common sight. Even three at the same time are a rare challenge (excluding Champion and Rare packs). However, in Nephalem Rifts, one can encounter many more of them at once.

Izual, even though he uses the Oppressor model, and angelic Reapers, are considered Corrupted Angels too.



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This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.

Concept art for Oppressors originally depicted them as Corrupted Angels. The two monster types have different appearances in the final version of the game.

Originally (before patch 2.1.2) Corrupted Angels used to have an Unholy Shield ability, which allowed them to briefly protect themselves with adaptive force shields. Those would make an angel 65-85% resistant to one elemental damage type (of their choice) for 5 seconds. The color of the shield could help to identify which damage type it is currently attuned to.

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