Instead of wielding bows or melee weaponry, these once human demons choose to jab their opponents with spears. They possess a tactical advantage, as they can attack at a longer range than other melee weapons. One must move past their deadly spears in order to land a hit on these corrupted Rogues.

Corrupted Rogue Spearwomen are well organized, as they attack in groups, along with Corrupt Rogue Archers and Corrupt Rogues. These warriors are often found roaming from the Rogue Monastery to the Cold Plains.

Corrupted Rogue Spearwomen have five variants:

  • Dark Spearwoman
  • Vile Lancer
  • Dark Lancer
  • Black Lancer
  • Flesh Lancer

In Nightmare and Hell difficulty, Vile Lancers have a chance to deal Poison damage, Dark Lancers have a chance to deal Cold damage, Black Lancers have a chance to deal Lightning damage, and Flesh Lancers have a chance to deal Fire damage.

On Hell Difficulty, Dark Spearwomen, Dark Lancers, and Black Lancers are immune to Lightning, Vile Lancers are immune to Cold, and Flesh Lancers to Fire.


The corruption of the Sisterhood has also turned many who were skilled in the use of spears and javelins to the cause of evil. These warriors now use their talents to eviscerate those who seek to stop the corruption that is slowly spreading across Khanduras. Using a mix of piercing weapons, these Corrupt Rogues can be specially dangerous when they back their prey into a corner and use the length of their weapons to gain a tactical advantage.

Corrupt Rogues
Corrupt RogueCorrupt Rogue SpearwomanCorrupt Rogue Archer
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