Corpse Worms

Corpse Worms are Animal enemies in Act I of Diablo III.

Corpse Worms are squirming eel-like creatures that emerge in a flood from a ruptured Grotesque. They are not powerful, but are disgusting in their fecundity and must be stomped out. The three pests count as single monster.

In Act II, they are replaced by Electric Eels.



Lampreys in Act V

Lampreys are a special variant of Corpse Worms only ecountered in the Tidal Caves beneath the Greyhollow Island in Act V (Adventure Mode). They appear as single worms (instead of packs of three), and crawl out of any objects or just over the edges of rocks. On the second level of the Caves, they are encountered in large packs.


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Originally, normal Corpse Worms were known as Lampreys.

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