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*Kill [[Malthael]] and the [[Soul of Evil]] on max. level.
*Kill [[Malthael]] and the [[Soul of Evil]] on max. level.
*Reach [[Character Level|level]] 70.
*Reach [[Character Level|level]] 70.
*Reach level 30 on [[Tiered Rift]]s.
*Reach [[Greater Rift]] level 30.

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Conquests are a season-only feature for Diablo III.

With the start of each Season, players will have the opportunity to earn Conquests. Conquests are special Season-only achievements (offered in addition to the suite of non-Seasonal achievements already available in the game) that represent a variety of challenging goals. These goals can vary in terms of gameplay and difficulty, and some might be easier to complete than others. With tasks ranging from killing Malthael at level 70 on Torment VI to finishing the five acts in an hour or less, Conquests are designed to encourage and promote an array of different playstyles.

Conquests are considered "first come, first served," and the first 1000 individuals to complete a Conquest within a given Season will be immortalized on that Season's regional Leaderboard. Blizzard Entertainment intends to provide between 10-15 unique Conquests each Season, and each Conquest will have its own Leaderboard. Conquests will also provide achievement points and will count toward a player's Seasonal point total. These points will be provided regardless of whether a player's character placed in the regional Leaderboard.[1]

List of Conquests


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