Combination Strike Combination Strike
Each different Primary skill used by the Monk increases all damage done by the Monk by 10% for 3 seconds. The effect from the same skill does not stack, but the effect from different skills does.

"Master Wughan was not merely the first to perfect the six techniques. His true accomplishment was in weaving them into a style all his own."

Combination Strike is a Monk passive skill, unlocked at level 50.


Most builds use only one Primary skill, so this passive is an effective +10% all damage boost (not multiplicative with other similar modifiers). However, custom builds with two Primary skills exist, essentially giving up a skill slot for the plain damage boost.

Each buff from each skill has a 3 seconds separate duration, instead of adding stacks.

The skill only affects Primary attacks: Fists of Thunder, Deadly Reach, Crippling Wave and Way of the Hundred Fists. Other skills that replenish Spirit do not contribute to it.

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