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"The Colossal Golgor is merely a colossal myth. In folklore, they are sons of an infamous demon who smashed half of Hell in anger after the Prime Evils were defeated during the "Dark Exile". Why, if I had a gold coin for each of these tales, I would be a wealthy man indeed."
Colossal golgor

The Colossal Golgors are demon enemies found in Act III of Diablo III, specifically at Rakkis Crossing, the Arreat Crater and the Skycrown Battlements. The first time players encounter a golgor in the Skycrown Battlements, it can be seen that they can be created artificially, their flesh shaped in the field.


Colossal golgor

Colossal Golgor model

The Golgors have a physical attack that smashes a player's head between its two large maces, and they generally start combat with a double-mace uppercut that inflicts knockback to targets unable to avoid it. To compensate for the annoyances resulting from said effect, the attack is easy to predict, and it has a cooldown between uses. The golgors themselves are immune to knockback effects from player characters, though they may be impaired in other ways. As a compensation for their large Life pool and potent attack power, the Golgors move slowly, and attack even slower.


Colossal golgor2

A Golgor


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On early stages of development, this monster was titled Thousand Pounder, Gluttony Incarnate, and served as a special boss akin to Ghom.