Cold Plains
Act Act I
Quests None
Monsters Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Gargantuan Beast, Dark Hunter, Dark Spearwoman
Adjacent Zones Blood Moor, Burial Grounds, Stony Field
Area Level Normal 1
Area Level Nightmare 36
Area Level Hell 68
Waypoint Yes

The Cold Plains is an area located in Act I of Diablo II that is situated between the Blood Moor, Stony Field, and Burial Grounds. While there are no active quests to be found here, the player is required to pass through the Cold Plains in order to complete both the Sisters' Burial Grounds and the Search for Cain quests. A waypoint can be found near the passage into the Blood Moor. Also, the first optional dungeon of the game can be found here, namely the Caves.

Though similar in appearance to the Blood Moor, the Cold Plains introduces the player to new types of enemies; specifically, Corrupt Rogues which will attack in numbers with either a sword or spear. Fallen Shamans are also present here, followed by several weaker Fallen. One such Shaman, Bishibosh, can be found near a camp in this area; Bishibosh is especially dangerous for his ability to revive fallen shaman.

The passage between the Cold Plains and the Blood Moor is guarded by Flavie, one of the elite rogue scouts. Upon entering the Cold Plains she warns you about the dangers ahead.

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