Cold Enchanted is a monster bonus available to powerful monsters throughout the world of Sanctuary. This gives their attacks the Cold attribute, slowing heroes upon a successful hit. This bonus is deadly in that once hit, a hero will suffer substantial penalties to attack speed and movement speed.

Diablo II / Lord of DestructionEdit

Cold Enchanted grants the following bonuses to the Unique monster:

Cold damage: 66% to 100%

Cold slowing length: 20

Chance to Hit: x2

Cold Resistance: 75

When the creature dies, it releases a Frost Nova equal to its level. This nova can prove fatal at worst and hinder players at best, so it is important to keep health levels high before dealing the killing blow. Half Cold Duration and/or Cannot be Frozen affixes on your gear will keep the hindrance to a minimum as well, although this may be difficult to attain.

A great example of a monster that has caused many troublesome fights due to this bonus is the Super Unique monster, Coldcrow. She and her minions alone can certainly be a good reason why a player might want to ignore the Cave in the Cold Plains on higher difficulty settings.

In addition, in Nightmare and Hell, minions gain 33% to 50% Cold damage. Uniques also gain an immunity to cold in hell.

Diablo IIIEdit

Cold Enchanted has been changed in Diablo 3:

  • It is split to Frozen and Frozen Pulse affixes, with different mechanics.
  • Champions can also spawn with this, in addition to Rare monsters.
  • Basic attacks no longer cause additional Cold damage.
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