Cold Arrow

Class: Amazon
Required Level: 6
Skill Tree: Bow and Crossbow Skills
Cost: 3.5 Mana

Enchants an arrow, adding cold damage and slowing your enemy.

Damage Type: Cold
Synergies: Freezing Arrow, Ice Arrow
Other Stats: Requires a Ranged Weapon; Dual Elemental Damage: Physical and Cold

Cold Arrow is an Amazon Skill in Diablo II.


Although winter never seems to find its way to the ever-balmy Amazon Islands, cold climates are not unheard of. The summit of Mount Karcheus on the island of Philios is covered with snow all year long. Deep within an icy cave secluded amongst its towering peaks, is the Great Hall of Mirrors where mighty Karcheus the Watcher sits upon his throne. Ever vigilant, Karcheus keeps watch over the people of the Amazons. Warriors who have trained within his temple are able to instill their shots with the power of a freezing wind.

General InformationEdit


  • Give synergy to :
  • Receives synergy from :

A cold counterpart of Fire Arrow, this skill unleashes an arrow is enchanted with cold and when it strikes a target, the target is damage by the cold and is slowed by it as well.

This is similar to the Sorceress Ice Bolt spell. Monsters are chilled when hit, and when killed, chilled monsters have the chance of shattering, leaving no corpse. This can be handy when dealing with monsters that raise corpses such as Fallen Shaman.

It also converts part of the physical damage from the arrow itself into cold damage, which may be useful for getting past enemies immune to physical damage. However, Magic Arrow is generally better for that purpose, as magic resistance is rare even in Hell, and the ability to not use up arrows can sometimes be useful in such a case (where many arrows may need to be expended to kill the enemies in question); on the other hand, Cold Arrow does consume one arrow or bolt when cast.

While Cold Arrow can be useful in earlier difficulties, it is superseded in terms of damage and utility by Freezing Arrow and Ice Arrow.

Some Act I Rogue Archer Hirelings use this skill.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Level 1234567891011
Physical Damage
Converted to Cold
3% 5% 7% 9% 11% 13% 15% 17% 19% 21% 23%
Attack Bonus 10% 19% 28% 37% 46% 55% 64% 73% 82% 91% 100%
Cold Damage 3–4 5–6 7–8 9–10 11–12 13–14 15–16 17–18 19–20 22–23 24–25
Chill Duration 4s 5.2s 6.4s 7.6s 8.8s 10s 11.2s 12.4s 13.6s 14.8s 16s
Mana Cost 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 4 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.5 4.6 4.7
Level 12131415161718192025
Physical Damage
Converted to Cold
25% 27% 29% 31% 33% 35% 37% 39% 41% 51%
Attack Bonus 109% 118% 127% 136% 145% 154% 163% 172% 181% 226%
Cold Damage 27–28 29–30 32–33 34–35 37–38 41–42 45–47 49–51 53–56 ?
Chill Duration 17.2s 18.4s 19.6s 20.8s 22s 23.2s 24.4s 25.6s 26.8s 32.8s
Mana Cost 4.8 5 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.5 5.6 5.7 5.8 6.5
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