Diablo II club data[1]
QL Name Damage Speed Max sockets Range Str req Dex req Lv req
1 Club 1–6 −10 2 0
4 Spiked Club 5–8 0 2 1
30 Cudgel 6–21 −10 2 0 25 18
32 Barbed Club 13–25 0 3 1 30 20
52 Truncheon LoD 35–43 −10 2 0 88 43 39
57 Tyrant Club LoD 32–58 0 3 1 133 42
Diablo II one-hand swing attack speed data[2]
Class Base attack frames Base attacks per second
Amazon 13 1.92
Assassin LoD 14 1.78
Barbarian 15 1.66
Druid LoD 18 1.38
Necromancer 18 1.38
Paladin 14 1.78
Sorceress 17 1.47

Clubs are one-handed blunt, melee weapons in Diablo II.

Club damage scales with the wielder's Strength, with each point of Strength equivalent to 1% enhanced damage.[3] Magic and rare clubs can have either Barbarian or Druid skill prefixes.[4] Like other blunt weapons, Clubs are compatible with Barbarian Mace Mastery, and have an inherent +50% damage to undead modifier.

Clubs, maces, hammers and scepters are all labeled "mace class" in-game, but the four weapon types have distinct properties.

The quest item Wirt's Leg is a club. Wirt's Leg is nonmagic and can be imbued with club affixes, such as Druid skills. It can also have sockets, but rune words do not function in quest items.

There are no set clubs.

Unique clubs[edit | edit source]

The unique clubs in classic are:

Additional unique clubs in the expansion are:

Club rune words[edit | edit source]

The maximum number of sockets possible in a club is 3.

In the expansion, the following weapon rune words function in nonmagic clubs (except Wirt's Leg) with exactly the specified number of sockets:

There are no additional rune words for clubs in ladder play.

References[edit | edit source]

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