Cliff Lurker (Diablo II)

Cliff Lurkers are hellish frog-like animals dragged to the gates of Hell from the deserted plains of Aranoch.

Usually they live in numbers where at least one at a time stands at a guard post to watch for nearby threats. Attacking happens with a long hop towards enemy while strong claws straighten to a constricting, flesh-ripping strike. The best way to kill a single Cliff Lurker is to use oppressing tactics to minimize its area of movement and then bring it down with quick blows.

In Hell difficulty, these Leapers are immune to Lightning and also have a whopping 80% resistance to fire damage.

Cliff Lurkers can only be seen in the Outer Steppes of Hell.

As with all Leapers, the Cliff Lurker does not leave a usable corpse upon death.

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