Claw Viper Temple
Act Act II
Quests Tainted Sun, The Horadric Staff
Levels 2
Monsters Bone Warrior, Guardian, Embalmed, Dried Corpse, Claw Viper, Salamander
Adjacent Zones Valley of Snakes
Area Level Normal 14
Area Level Nightmare 47
Area Level Hell 82, 83
Waypoint No

The Claw Viper Temple is the stronghold of the Claw Viper clan, hidden deep within the deserts beyond the Lost City. It is the last consecutive zone of Act II. The implication is that this is some sort of royal tomb for the nearby Lost City that was commandeered by the Claw Vipers. In addition to Claw Vipers and Salamanders, there are also Guardian monsters present.

The Claw Viper Temple is also the location of the Tainted Sun Altar, which can be found on the second level. The evil shrine was somehow responsible for perpetually eclipsing the sun; it's destruction is required for the completion of Tainted Sun (quest) Why the Claw Vipers sought to eclipse the sun remains unclear.

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